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I’m just an old fashioned girl …

…goes the song.thatched cottage

With an old-fashioned mind. Not sophisticated, I’m the sweet and simple kind.

I don’t do sophisticated. Simple…that’s me 😉

I like old-fashioned 😉

I like the idea of courtship – getting to know someone, what makes them tick, all their idiosyncrasies – I believe if you want to build a firm basis for a relationship, you need to know, understand and accept the other person for who they are.

I like the idea of being wooed – and for me it doesn’t mean flowers and chocolates and expensive dinners and gifts. I’m not easy mind – but I like simple things. A man who can make me laugh even when he tells corny jokes. A man who can bring a smile to my face when I think of them. A man who is content with just cuddles and kisses sometimes. A man who can hold my hand and make me feel like I mean the world to him. A man who doesn’t roll his eyes when I talk to him about problems I may be encountering … I could go on.

But relationships are not all about me, me, me. I know I’ve been in enough where it’s all been about them, them, them.

I like the idea of being part of a team and I’m a firm believer that relationships are about building a solid partnership that works on communication, respect and trust.

… and yes, I want an old-fashioned house with an old-fashioned fence – love old properties, especially thatched with white picket fences and roses round the door 😉

… but you know what – you can keep that old-fashioned millionaire –  I just want someone to be my best friend, who loves me for me and someone who makes me happy 😉

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Do people date anymore?

Just a thought I had the other day.

Not that I’ve been on ‘a date’ for a while, but do people actually go on ‘dates’ as such, or is it just a case of going to the pub?

Now, I know I’m old-fashioned, and a truly soppy sentimental romantic, but where’s the romance?

Walks in the moonlight, whirling around the dance floor, sitting drinking coffee in places where you can actually hear yourself speak…

Isn’t the whole point of a ‘date’ a chance for you to get to really know what could be ‘the person of your dreams’?

Or has courtship truly gone flying out the window?

Walks in the moonlight? So 1950s I know, and in the middle of winter, I’d agree hardly the best look wrapped up in scarves, coats and gloves!

Whirling around the dance floor? The only place to dance is the local nightclub, and to get in there these days you have to be a maximum age of 12, it would appear, and seriously can anyone understand any lyrics of songs today, let alone dance to them?

Even in coffee lounges, once 6pm arrives, the music is cranked up so it resembles a low-key nightclub!

So how do you get to know a person?

What do people these days base a relationship on?

I know Mr Wrong No. 2 based relationships on sex. If he wasn’t ‘getting any’ he assumed there was no relationship.

In my humble little opinion, if you base a relationship on sex purely, then what happens when that part is over? There seems to be nothing left, apart from wondering what on earth you were doing with the other person.

For me, I base relationships on friendship. First and foremost, you have to like each, get along and be able to talk to each other. Once you’ve got that firm base, everything else should just fall into place, shouldn’t it?

It seems to me, people these days are in too much of a hurry to get to the physical side of stuff. I’m not like that (OMG! I really should have been born 100 years ago!). I’m not the kind of girl to just jump into bed with any Tom, Dick or Harry, at the drop of a hat, it has to mean something before I do.

But I digress, this post is about dating.

So what would your ideal date be? What would you do?

Mine? Mmmm?

If someone asked me out on a ‘date’, I’d like to be able to go somewhere I could dress up a little (I’m not talking tiaras and ball gowns). Due to my job, I spend all day in jeans, T-shirt and trainers, and I like wearing nice dresses and heels.

I’d like to be picked up, maybe given flowers (optional), and go to the theatre, a jazz club, or just somewhere with low-key music, where there’s an opportunity to talk, but also somewhere with a bit of life.

For a ‘cheap date’ a walk in the moonlight and star-gazing, would be perfect.

And, should dating stop if a relationship moves further along?

I’d say no – after all, it keeps something special alive.

I know couples that keep one night a month free, to go on a date – almost to rekindle the flame.

If I ever got to that stage, that would just be such an easy one – candles, DVD and cuddles is all this girl would need 😉

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10 interesting (or not) facts about me!

So, here you go 10 interesting (or not) facts about “l’il ol’ me!”

  1. I don’t smoke or drink – prefer not to harm my lungs or liver! I don’t drink purely because I don’t like the taste – some wines really would be better being poured over a plate of chips! And smoking, ladies, whatever the magazines and films may make you think does not look glamorous, or cool. But just because I don’t drink or smoke does not mean I don’t know how to enjoy myself 😉
  2. I love the smell of coffee but cannot stand the taste. Seriously, I love the smell you get from opening a jar of coffee, but can’t drink it, no matter how milky, frothy or decorated with sprinkles you make it! I prefer a good old cup of tea. Brewed the builder’s way – tea-bag in mug, milk, no sugar, preferably de-caffeinated but not compulsory 😉
  3. I’m allergic to e-numbers and chocolate! That’s right chocolate. I go totally haywire, and you end up having to scrape me off the ceiling. Not a pretty sight. Chocolate gives most people an incredible high – that’s why everyone loves it – but some for some people it has the opposite effect. As for me, well if I have chocolate or e-numbers I make Mr Hyde look like a pussy cat. I literally writhe about on the floor wanting to rip every limb of my body out of its socket to replace it as my muscles completely tense up.
  4. I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart – still waiting for a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that. A girl should be wooed by a potential suitor – hearts and flowers (deep red fragrant roses obviously and happen to be my favourite) and all that jazz. It is all about romance – don’t let Cosmo or Elle tell you any different. Deep down, every girl wants the fairytale.
  5. I love reading. I’ll read anything. I pick books literally by scanning the shelves and looking at the front cover. If I like what I see I’ll buy it. I’ve read some hummers mind you. But have also read some surprisingly good ones. I am lucky that I can skim read (I can also read upside-down, but that’s only handy in interviews 😉 ) so without interruption I can read a book in about a day. I went on a fortnight’s holiday once and took 6 books with me. Take away the 2 travel days and 3 excursion days. I read all 6 in the remaining 9 – and still had time to read one again!
  6. I am completely obsessed when it comes to washing my clothes – no one, but myself can touch my washing. For the simple fact all washing machines shrink clothes! Once they are washed – on the gentlest cycle and lowest spin setting – they have to be stretched to within an inch of their life. I am at one with my obsession! But don’t think you’d be doing me a favour by doing my washing, seriously, and don’t even think tumble drier unless you want Mr Hyde to reappear!
  7. Pants – another obsession. I want a pair of pants to cover my backside. I don’t do dental floss up my bum and seriously if I wanted boy shorts I’d grow a penis (they are just as bad as G-strings as they end up stuck up your bum. Why is it so difficult to find a pair that covers your bottom. Even those that are supposed to … don’t – yes I’m talking M&S!
  8. I love cooking. I have a raft of recipe books, but at the moment very little time to actually try out different recipes. My friends used to call me the ‘dessert queen’ as I always came up trumps with pudding – essential I feel to finish off the meal. If I go out to eat I prefer main and dessert to starter and main.
  9. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14 – not through any moral standing, just purely based on watching a video in a biology lesson about how they killed animals. My friend and I looked at each other and said “not eating meat again!” – she caved after a few weeks, I’m still going. To be honest, never was a huge fan of meat. I eat fish, and have no problems handling and cooking meat for others.
  10. I am a single mother. It certainly wasn’t a path I envisaged, but that just serves me right for picking a toad! Still, I am blessed with SC, and thank the angels every day for sending me such a wonderful gift. I didn’t want SC to be an only child, when I was little I always wanted 6 children! Now I think 2 or 3 would be a good number – if pushing it, considering my age and lack of handsome prince. But if I’m a really good girl, one day, who knows, maybe I’ll get to play happy families like everyone else 😉

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