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The Curious Case of the Incredible Shrinking Washing

I’m sure I can’t be the only one amongst you who have put an item of clothing into the washing machine on its normal cycle only to find when you put it on next time that it appears slightly tighter than before and you know you haven’t put on weight?

It doesn’t help these days that washing labels are “not like the good old days” and they have all new fangled codes. That is if they aren’t written in Japanese, literally!

Now I will freely admit that I am the world’s most anal when it comes to my washing – and it all started when my mum shrunk my favourite T-shirt when I was a teenager. No one is allowed near the washing when wet, this includes opening the machine door before I get there, just in case it starts drying before I have a chance to make sure it’s the same size as when it went in and giving it a good stretch, to within an inch of its life, and don’t even talk about putting the washing in a tumble dryer because that is never going to happen.

OMG having re-read that I have an OCD about my washing. But am I really making a mountain out of a molehill? Or is there some truth in the fact that sometimes, your washing does shrink?

I’ll admit that one thing that does make freshly washed clothing feel slightly tighter is hard water. Don’t jeans feel like you’re putting on cardboard after washing sometimes, that won’t be the Calgon it’ll be the water?

But it’s not just my clothes – oh no! SC’s clothes appear to be exhibiting the same strange behaviour. There is one particular store that comes off worst, but since this is just my experiment I shall not be revealing the store’s name.

A couple of tops that I bought for SC started looking a bit shorter even after one wash. So next time I washed one of his tops I measured its length (15″) before I put it in the machine. I washed the said article on a 40 delicate cycle at 400 rpm spin (which is the lowest setting on my machine. After taking it out I performed the stretching exercise and when dried measured it again. And lo, it had shrunk a whole inch and measured 14″ in length.

Now I might have an OCD when it comes to washing but surely I have grounds when clothes lose inches on washing on the most delicate of cycles?

When I mentioned this fact in the shop concerned, they did in all fairness say I could take it back and they would exchange it, as they said it sounded as if the tops had been cut the wrong way on the material. That sounds feasible, BUT the issue with this particular top is that if mine does it, and I’ve noticed, how many others out there have done the same but haven’t been noticed. Quality control seems a bit lax.

Changing the subject slightly, but still on the topic of washing I was perplexed by the advert of a brand of washing liquid that boasted it will give a clean wash at 15 degrees. Great – do any washing machines actually wash at 15? The lowest mine goes to is 30!

So check your washing carefully – it may not be that extra slice of chocolate cake that has made your clothes feel smaller!

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10 interesting (or not) facts about me!

So, here you go 10 interesting (or not) facts about “l’il ol’ me!”

  1. I don’t smoke or drink – prefer not to harm my lungs or liver! I don’t drink purely because I don’t like the taste – some wines really would be better being poured over a plate of chips! And smoking, ladies, whatever the magazines and films may make you think does not look glamorous, or cool. But just because I don’t drink or smoke does not mean I don’t know how to enjoy myself 😉
  2. I love the smell of coffee but cannot stand the taste. Seriously, I love the smell you get from opening a jar of coffee, but can’t drink it, no matter how milky, frothy or decorated with sprinkles you make it! I prefer a good old cup of tea. Brewed the builder’s way – tea-bag in mug, milk, no sugar, preferably de-caffeinated but not compulsory 😉
  3. I’m allergic to e-numbers and chocolate! That’s right chocolate. I go totally haywire, and you end up having to scrape me off the ceiling. Not a pretty sight. Chocolate gives most people an incredible high – that’s why everyone loves it – but some for some people it has the opposite effect. As for me, well if I have chocolate or e-numbers I make Mr Hyde look like a pussy cat. I literally writhe about on the floor wanting to rip every limb of my body out of its socket to replace it as my muscles completely tense up.
  4. I’m an old-fashioned romantic at heart – still waiting for a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that. A girl should be wooed by a potential suitor – hearts and flowers (deep red fragrant roses obviously and happen to be my favourite) and all that jazz. It is all about romance – don’t let Cosmo or Elle tell you any different. Deep down, every girl wants the fairytale.
  5. I love reading. I’ll read anything. I pick books literally by scanning the shelves and looking at the front cover. If I like what I see I’ll buy it. I’ve read some hummers mind you. But have also read some surprisingly good ones. I am lucky that I can skim read (I can also read upside-down, but that’s only handy in interviews 😉 ) so without interruption I can read a book in about a day. I went on a fortnight’s holiday once and took 6 books with me. Take away the 2 travel days and 3 excursion days. I read all 6 in the remaining 9 – and still had time to read one again!
  6. I am completely obsessed when it comes to washing my clothes – no one, but myself can touch my washing. For the simple fact all washing machines shrink clothes! Once they are washed – on the gentlest cycle and lowest spin setting – they have to be stretched to within an inch of their life. I am at one with my obsession! But don’t think you’d be doing me a favour by doing my washing, seriously, and don’t even think tumble drier unless you want Mr Hyde to reappear!
  7. Pants – another obsession. I want a pair of pants to cover my backside. I don’t do dental floss up my bum and seriously if I wanted boy shorts I’d grow a penis (they are just as bad as G-strings as they end up stuck up your bum. Why is it so difficult to find a pair that covers your bottom. Even those that are supposed to … don’t – yes I’m talking M&S!
  8. I love cooking. I have a raft of recipe books, but at the moment very little time to actually try out different recipes. My friends used to call me the ‘dessert queen’ as I always came up trumps with pudding – essential I feel to finish off the meal. If I go out to eat I prefer main and dessert to starter and main.
  9. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14 – not through any moral standing, just purely based on watching a video in a biology lesson about how they killed animals. My friend and I looked at each other and said “not eating meat again!” – she caved after a few weeks, I’m still going. To be honest, never was a huge fan of meat. I eat fish, and have no problems handling and cooking meat for others.
  10. I am a single mother. It certainly wasn’t a path I envisaged, but that just serves me right for picking a toad! Still, I am blessed with SC, and thank the angels every day for sending me such a wonderful gift. I didn’t want SC to be an only child, when I was little I always wanted 6 children! Now I think 2 or 3 would be a good number – if pushing it, considering my age and lack of handsome prince. But if I’m a really good girl, one day, who knows, maybe I’ll get to play happy families like everyone else 😉

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