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Starter or Dessert?

When you are out to dinner, would you rather have a starter and a main, or a main and a dessert?cheesecake

To be honest, I’m generally a main and dessert girl.

“Dessert is the whole point of the meal.” (Simply Irresistible, 1999)

As far as I’m concerned the sweetness of dessert sates the appetite, whereas not having one can leave you wanting something else even when you are feeling F.T.B. (full to bursting!)

Not eating chocolate (yes, I know, total freak aren’t I) sometimes the dessert choice can be limiting, but I’m a sucker for cheesecake.

Vanilla cheesecake with mango sorbet – heaven on a spoon 😉

Or, if it’s winter and I’m sat by a roaring open fire it has to be crumble and custard – I had raspberry and peach the other week, it was delicious 😉

So, what do you prefer – starter of dessert? And what is your favourite?

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