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Rolling Back the Years…

…to the roller disco 😉rollerskates

My dad used to take my sister and I to the local leisure centre every Sunday when we were little to their ‘family roller-skating sessions’, which I loved – it sure beat rolling up and down the street to the lamp-post and back!

You had the latest top 40 hits playing (A-Ha still brings it all back for me), could go round in comparative safety (if you avoided the speed session), and if you were really lucky, your own pair of roller-boots.

Oh, how I longed for a pair of those, instead of the awful skates you strapped to your shoes….

Thankfully, my dad had to go to the States on business and he managed to find and bring back a pair of roller boots each for my sister and I – I can clearly remember them now, they were white, with red edging and red laces – I loved them. I was so sad when I grew out of them, my next pair were not nearly as great – they were blue with coloured stripes.

But enough of my reminiscing – why am I harking on about roller-skates?

Well, today, SC and I went roller-skating at the local rink with one of his friends.

How much fun is it still?


So much more fun than ice-skating -which we tried a couple of years ago – not successfully – I hadn’t been for over 20 years and it most definitely is not like getting on a bicycle – we managed one lap of the rink in an hour!

I had told SC that roller-skating was easier then ice-skating as you had four wheels and therefore slightly steadier – I hoped 😉

Anyway, we got there and changed into the hire boots – yes, proper boots, not over-shoe-skates these days – next we had to venture on to the rink.

For me, this was most definitely like riding a bicycle – I had not forgotten, and thankfully was much more steadier on my own feet so I could help SC – not that he needed much, he whipped round the rink, and by the end of the session had perfected the art of going round using the rail to push himself along – he actually managed to go quite quickly.

There was music – not so much A-Ha, Wham! or Rick Astley – more One Direction, Daft Punk and slightly more up-to-date tunes.

There were lights.

The floor was still hard when you backside met it at force – oh, yes, I did come a cropper on my bum, only once though, at the beginning (which after 25 years is not bad) – saved myself by landing on my hands – they look a tad bruised, but no lasting damage 😉

But best of all SC had a blast and I had the best time I have had for a long time – it was so much fun, I felt like a teenager again 😉

Still can’t skate backwards though!

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