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Do people date anymore?

Just a thought I had the other day.

Not that I’ve been on ‘a date’ for a while, but do people actually go on ‘dates’ as such, or is it just a case of going to the pub?

Now, I know I’m old-fashioned, and a truly soppy sentimental romantic, but where’s the romance?

Walks in the moonlight, whirling around the dance floor, sitting drinking coffee in places where you can actually hear yourself speak…

Isn’t the whole point of a ‘date’ a chance for you to get to really know what could be ‘the person of your dreams’?

Or has courtship truly gone flying out the window?

Walks in the moonlight? So 1950s I know, and in the middle of winter, I’d agree hardly the best look wrapped up in scarves, coats and gloves!

Whirling around the dance floor? The only place to dance is the local nightclub, and to get in there these days you have to be a maximum age of 12, it would appear, and seriously can anyone understand any lyrics of songs today, let alone dance to them?

Even in coffee lounges, once 6pm arrives, the music is cranked up so it resembles a low-key nightclub!

So how do you get to know a person?

What do people these days base a relationship on?

I know Mr Wrong No. 2 based relationships on sex. If he wasn’t ‘getting any’ he assumed there was no relationship.

In my humble little opinion, if you base a relationship on sex purely, then what happens when that part is over? There seems to be nothing left, apart from wondering what on earth you were doing with the other person.

For me, I base relationships on friendship. First and foremost, you have to like each, get along and be able to talk to each other. Once you’ve got that firm base, everything else should just fall into place, shouldn’t it?

It seems to me, people these days are in too much of a hurry to get to the physical side of stuff. I’m not like that (OMG! I really should have been born 100 years ago!). I’m not the kind of girl to just jump into bed with any Tom, Dick or Harry, at the drop of a hat, it has to mean something before I do.

But I digress, this post is about dating.

So what would your ideal date be? What would you do?

Mine? Mmmm?

If someone asked me out on a ‘date’, I’d like to be able to go somewhere I could dress up a little (I’m not talking tiaras and ball gowns). Due to my job, I spend all day in jeans, T-shirt and trainers, and I like wearing nice dresses and heels.

I’d like to be picked up, maybe given flowers (optional), and go to the theatre, a jazz club, or just somewhere with low-key music, where there’s an opportunity to talk, but also somewhere with a bit of life.

For a ‘cheap date’ a walk in the moonlight and star-gazing, would be perfect.

And, should dating stop if a relationship moves further along?

I’d say no – after all, it keeps something special alive.

I know couples that keep one night a month free, to go on a date – almost to rekindle the flame.

If I ever got to that stage, that would just be such an easy one – candles, DVD and cuddles is all this girl would need 😉

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