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What 5 things would you ‘have to have’ in your perfect house?

Wherever we are, we always dream about things we don’t yet have – from the perfect job to the perfect relationship to the perfect place to live.

And like everything when it comes to that perfect place to live everyone has different tastes and desires. We all dream about the amazing pad we would buy if we won the lottery.

But what would yours be like?

For me a house is just bricks and mortar – it is people who turn it into a home, and wherever the people I love are then that is home.

So my gorgeous SC aside, what would my perfect house be like.

Obviously the main thing is it would be totally energy-efficient – recycled water, geo-thermal heating, solar panels, etc.

I’m actually not fussed about the period issue. I love old buildings, I love thatched roofs and latticed windows but I also like the complete flip side of major-league minimalistic open-plan contemporary.

BUT, and it is a big but there are 5 things that my perfect house would have to have:

outdoors5.    Garden

I need outdoor space.

Space for SC to play – and maybe a tree with a tree house.

Space to relax – one by the house so SC and I can eat outside and just admire the view and another maybe hidden away with chairs to relax and read.

Lots and lots of flowers – scented so that all year there are different smells to experience.

And a vegetable patch with a couple of fruit trees.

fireplace4.    Open Fire

Whether it is a contemporary or period property, my dream house must have an open fire. For me there is nothing like it! The smell, the noise, the very essence of an open fire is so inviting. Either curled up in my favourite chair with a mug of tea reading a book or sitting hearthside warming my toes. It is the best feeling in the world 😉

rustic-kitchen3.    Kitchen

I love cooking, so the kitchen would have to be the centre of the house and always full of enticing aromas. A kitchen with space for me to make a mess 😉 All the essentials based around a central island – bliss – along with one of those hanging racks that you can hang pots and pans on alongside drying herbs.

bathroom2.    Bathroom

The main requirement is a really powerful shower – one that really whooshes the water out to wake you up and invigorate you and makes you feel like you’ve been pummelled all over by several masseurs – sheer heaven! Mind you, if I had one of those I think I’d spend even longer in the shower 😉

On the flip side, and not that I’d use it, but one of those stand-alone baths – styled depending on the type of house, either a Victorian type one with claw feet, of totally modern, but something that stands in the middle of the room – just in case the mood ever took me to have a soak with candles and flower petals strewn in the water!

house1.    By the water

The best place for my dream house would be by the water – be it beach, river or just  a really big pond in the garden 😉 Somewhere that I can hear the calm, relaxing sound of water. I don’t know what it is about that sound, but I just feel totally peaceful. The best thing in the world is to be able to hear the sea from the window, or even just the patter of raindrops.

So that’s my whittled down list – but as I said at the end of the day a house is just that, a house. It isn’t a home until you fill it with love and laughter 😉

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A Word about Maps

I’m happy to report that I’m the kind of ‘girl’ driver who doesn’t actually need a sat-nav.sandcastle

I can read a map.

I can sort out directions before I leave and just ‘get-on-with-it’.

However, I think the time has come for me to purchase a new road map. The one I have in my car is a fair few years old.

As it proved yesterday!!!

Took SC to the beach in Wales.

Worked out where I needed to go, etc….BUT

It turns out the road changed somewhat, so instead of ending up at a secluded cove, I ended up in the middle of Cardiff.

Oops! 😉

One check of the map later, renavigated my way out and found the beach.

Unfortunately, it was shingle instead of sand – not the best type of beach with a SC who wants to build a sandcastle.

[note to mapmakers – would it be too much to ask to maybe change the colour you use for the beach on the maps so we can distinguish between shingle and sand?]

So, we had to look at the map again, and drove many miles to a sandy beach.


Weather was fab, sun was shining, sea was freezing, my sandcastle building abilities still suck – but we had a FABULOUS time 😉

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