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Subconscious Thoughts

Are our subconscious thoughts merely manifestations of conscious thoughts that we have hidden away because they caused too much hurt, or thoughts that we dare not talk about because they are in fact our deepest dreams and wishes.

For instance, whilst I was having my crystal healing my clear mind suddenly became filled with odd snippets of conversations long past, some good, some bad.

They were the weirdest assortment of thoughts, jumbled up in no order. They just seemed to pop into my subconscious like popping corn.

When the healing session had finished I had the most euphoric sense of lightness and no stress as if all the weight of the world which had been sitting on my shoulders had been lifted.

Its taken me a while to think that maybe those snippets of conversation popped into my head because they were ones causing my unease and unhappiness, and that once they vanished I could begin to heal from the past hurts.

I don’t meditate properly. I should do.

I just take time before I go to sleep at night to just clear my head of things I wish I’d done better during the day.

Or, if I get really stressed I sit in a circle of crystals to recharge my energy and bring me peace, balance and clarity of vision.

I have so many subconscious thoughts that play over in my head, maybe if I meditated properly I wouldn’t worry and stress about everything and anything!


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