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Running Away

If I have had a problem that I’m finding difficult to overcome, the only answer I’ve ever had is to run away.

When I was younger I did want to physically run away when I was faced with problems – bullies, relationships, boredom with my life – to somewhere new, where I could start again, afresh where no one knew me.

My mum said that the same problems would follow me, they would just have different names and faces.

And she was right, because although I could run away from the problem, I couldn’t run away from myself and how I was feeling about me.

Now I’m older, I’ve actually come to like myself. I think I’m all right really. It’s taken a while, but at the end of the day what you see is what you get.

Yes, I’m loud, determined, ambitious, competitive, tend to put my mouth into gear before brain, amongst other things, but I’m also kind, compassionate, thoughtful and trusting (to name but a few). I make no claims to being perfect, but I’m nowhere near as bad a person as people have led me to believe.

Most importantly, I have found peace and happiness with myself. I believe in me. I am what I am, to coin a phrase.

All the bad stuff from bullies to bad boyfriends is in the past. Shut away and will never stop me enjoying life again.

Roosevelt is quoted as saying in his inaugural speech that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and he’s right.

I have spent the last 20 or so years of my life being fearful, hiding away from the world, afraid of being me, allowing myself to be ‘controlled’ and treated badly.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I’m not going to let happiness pass me by anymore.

I know what I want.

If I were to run away now, I wouldn’t be running from a problem I would be running to a wonderful new chapter in my life.

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Where do you do your best thinking?

Not only do I love a hot, steamy shower, but I find it’s where I do my best thinking.

Not only does the shower (especially a super power-shower) pummel and wash away all the stress of the day but my brain cells get a good workout at the same time.

Not just “Eureka!” moments, when I think of a nifty way to solve a problem, but all kinds of things, like conversations I should have had, questions I’d like to know the answers to, dreams that I wish would happen or even just giving myself a darn good talking to for being so stupid!

You know, stuff like:

Why do I let stuff get to me? (Imaginary conversation replies with “don’t be such a wally and don’t even worry about anything!)

Why do people lack common sense these days? Life is not difficult if you apply common sense! (Imaginary conversation suggests not to worry)

What can I do to improve my business prospects? (The Imaginary Conversation Board (me, myself and I) are still in conference about this – they will report back with a 5000 page analysis eventually!)

How can I make more money? (I’m sure everyone has this thought going round their heads – again imaginary conversation is brainstorming as we speak and will get back to me with suitably crazy schemes in due course)

How would I spend a win on the lottery? (don’t get me started on my conspiracy theory on this one – imaginary conversation dreams of a cottage by the sea, a garden with a big tree and a thinking bench underneath, a VW Camper Van with surfboards strapped to the top, sunshine, etc., etc., etc.)

Where should I go on holiday? (Imaginary conversation conjures up road trips, exotic rail journeys, space camp, surf school, sunshine and far away places)

How can anyone charge over £300 for a very simple sundress that quite frankly probably only took half a day to knock up? I’m in the wrong business and shall find my sewing machine to start practising forthwith! (Imaginary conversation reminds me that I’m not the best seamstress in the world, but it’s sure even I could knock up a sundress!)

Lists – I go over things I need to do, things I’d love to do, all the time. They never get done. (Imaginary conversation starts list, then laughs, tries to start again and reminds me I already have lists upon lists that are growing longer!)

I spend a lot of time in the shower, just thinking about this and that and having imaginary conversations!

But I do get out of the shower thoroughly refreshed, rejuvenated and looking at things in a more positive frame of mind

Does this make me quirky?

Where do you do your best thinking?


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Mummy, the world is flat!

So, a mere 520 years AFTER Christopher Columbus proved everyone wrong and said the world was round my SC (small child) quite matter-of-factly point out this morning at breakfast that the world was indeed flat!

After being assured it wasn’t, he was still adamant that it is flat.

The reason apparently why he has come to this conclusion is that he can’t see beyond the next couple of gardens, and so has decided that the world must go on for ever.

I then asked him what would happen if we kept on walking, would we eventually fall off the edge of the world?

He laughed and said “don’t be silly, mummy, of course not, we’d just get to the next country.”

I had to admit I was liking his logical thinking and reasoning, not bad for a just-turned 5-year-old.

So, then, I asked what would happen if we just kept walking, would we eventually get to the end?

And he, quite seriously said no, because the world goes on for ever.

Batting back the logical reasoning to him with a quick, “well then, if we’re the start of the world, then the edge must be behind us!”

He didn’t quite know how to respond to that last volley shot, so I plumped for suggesting that if we kept walking we’d eventually get back to the starting place, i.e., home, and then reminded him that he has seen pictures of the planet and has seen that the earth is indeed round.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, that was quite an in-depth discussion to have. Still at least it wasn’t quantum physics 😉

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