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What are your ‘favourite things’?

..you know, like the ones from the song – “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes”, etc.brownpaperpackage

So when you’re feeling sad, what are your favourite things?

Here’s mine:

– the smell of freshly cut grass

– the smell of the damp earth after rain

– warm sand between my toes

– gooey, sticky, creamy cake

– splashing in puddles (not the muddy kind I hasten to add)

– sliding down stair rails

– wishing on a star

– waltzing to Norah Jones ‘Come Away With Me’

– the smell of Johnson’s Baby Lotion

– a sing-along session to my favourite musical tunes

– tramping through crunchy Autumn leaves

– sitting on a hilltop watching the sun set

– the sound of raindrops on the window-pane

– kissing the top of SC’s head as he’s nestled into the place between my chin and shoulder

– the smell of deep red velvety roses

– orange blossom

– walking in the countryside

– train journeys

– that blissful sense of peace between waking and the pain & nausea of conscious thought kicking in

– cuddles

– roaring fires

– the sound of laughter

– long, slow, tender kisses

– believing dreams can come true

– snowflakes

– birdsong

– the sound of gently lapping waves on the shore

– hot sunshine

and of course brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things 😉

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Prayer for the Day – 7th July 2012

Dear God

Do you have a leak somewhere up in heaven? As it’s been raining here since nigh on April.

I’m not complaining, far from it. The garden desperately needed a good drenching and now the flowers are in full bloom, so thank you. Unfortunately so, are all the weeds and I can’t get out to do anything about them, so they are growing just as high as all the flowers!

I can’t understand why them in charge of the water companies though refuse to lift the hosepipe ban. I mean, seriously, we’ve had sufficient rainfall to start filling up those underground reservoirs … haven’t we?

And thinking positively that we do get some lovely weather – during the summer holidays would be nice, I know everyone will start complaining about that (still you know you can’t please all the people all the time) –  it would be nice to be able to fill up the paddling pool. Splashing about in a cold bath doesn’t quite have the same fun factor!

SC asked me if you were sending another flood, like you did when Noah was around. So, are you? I’d like to be prepared? I think I might get some funny looks though if I were to start building an ark on the driveway!

I’m praying for some gorgeous weather for the summer holidays.

Hope the leak gets fixed soon.


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Rain is …

…very relaxing.

I love lying in bed listening to the rain against the window.

I love lying in bed in the summer, listening to the pattering raindrops against an open window and smelling the fresh scent of the wet earth.

I love being out in the rain, splashing in puddles with SC.

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