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Playing the ‘Glad Game’

Pollyanna is one of my favourite movies – I must confess I have never read the book, I hope you can still get it, because I would like too.

The most memorable part of the movie is when she describes the ‘glad game’. Essentially you just have to think of a reason to be glad about anything that comes your way.

Effectively, replacing a negative thought with a positive one. After all, apparently from positive thoughts come positive energy which makes us feel better about the world and ourselves and ultimately helps us see new possibilities and opportunities.

It doesn’t mean that you should ignore sadness or problems, but just by putting a positive spin on things, for want of a better expression, life doesn’t seem as gloomy.

By thinking of a reason to be glad about something every day must surely be another way of becoming happier with ourselves?

There are, according to film, 862 ‘happy texts’ in the bible. So God must want us to be thankful, “if he took the trouble to write it that many times”?

I’m glad it’s today because the sun is shining and I’m taking myself off to the science museum 😉

What are you glad about?

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