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Lessons I’ve Learned in 2016

snoopyDo I start off with a reflective, thoughtfully written paragraph?

No, let’s dive straight in – so here are the 10 lessons I have learned over the last year:

10.  NEVER put a mixture of grapeseed and jojoba oil on your hair – it’s a b***er to get out.

Why did I do this crazy thing? Vanity, pure vanity. I have never been blessed with thick, voluminous, lustrous locks. My hair is baby fine and there has never been much of it. I have it trimmed regularly, but still, sometimes looks like 9 strands of hair…literally.

So I did what any other vain person would do and searched Doctor Google for some advice on how to naturally thicken one’s hair. And this seemed liked a reasonable suggestion. Just gently massage the mixture onto your scalp for 5 minutes and then wash off using a mild shampoo.

Well, the first bit worked, the massage was very therapeutic and mildly relaxing. But, did the darn oil wash off? No sir, it did not. I washed my hair twice and it still felt like an oil slick. Gross! Once it had dried, it did feel silky smooth, that did not last. By the end of the day it looked like I hadn’t washed my hair for a month. Solution, wash hair with baking soda and then wash hair with shampoo – that seemed to do the trick.

Lesson learned – don’t be so b***dy vain, and just use hairpieces like everyone else! (I’ve got a fab blonde long, curly wig I’m dying to try out. Will my IQ go down though once I put it on?)

9.  EGGS are great as a beauty treatment, just don’t eat them.

I’ve posted previously about the wonders of an egg-white face mask – and yes, I’m still slopping the egg-white on my face on a regular basis.

However, this was the year that eggs decided to give me up!

You know as you get older that your tastes change and things you used to like, no longer do it for you? Sometimes, as in my case, the food in question decided it did not like me any more. Without going into too much detail, I found that I now cannot eat eggs – or rather I can but then regret it!

Lesson learned – just stick to having egg on my face and don’t buy any chickens in the near future!


This year, I grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to strike out on my own. S*d the fact that I had no one to go with, I bravely bit the bullet and went to places I never thought I would ever go to. And yes, I went on my own – or rather I was accompanied by a good book – and had the most splendid of times.

I knocked 2 items off the bucket list – I had afternoon tea at The Ritz and lunch at The Ivy and went to numerous plays/musicals in the West End all by myself.

Yes, you get stared at – I just buried my head a little deeper into the book and ignored, and yes I was shoved away in a corner )Ritz) and not really afforded the same attention (Ivy) as someone who had companionship at the table – but I had the most wonderful time.

I met some lovely people at the theatre and saw some fabulous productions.

Next year a spa day beckons – need another crystal healing session – and I might check out a few art galleries.

Lesson learned – don’t be afraid of doing things on your own.

7.  TRAMPOLINING is fun and very good exercise.

There are trampoline parks springing up all over the place. Forget Zumba, Ballet Fitness or Yoga, it appears “bouncing to get fit” is the new exercise fad.

I took SC to one of these trampoline parks and it was super fun. After an hour you certainly feel the burn, even if you do nothing more than bounce. You also leave with a tremendous grin on your face.

It’s also extremely good for your pelvic floor muscles. After having SC, my pelvic floor is not what it used to be. Let’s just say, trampolining certainly gives them a good work-out!!!

Lesson learned – having fun keeps you young.

6. I CAN or I’ll give it a darned good try at the very least.

I have started a couple of projects this year, that I have been um-ing and ah-ing about for a good few years. Finally, I decided that I should just do it – to coin a phrase. After all, what’s the very worst that could happen? Yes, I know, I could fall flat on my face, but at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing that I tried.

The 1st project is going well and the 2nd project after a bit of a shaky start is beginning to gather momentum, so hopefully, cross fingers, it will be onwards and upwards for both of them.

Lesson learned – don’t dither, just do it!

5.  CARROT CAKE and catch-ups are the best thing ever.

My best friend moved back overseas in September, and the one thing I really miss is our regular carrot cake and catch-up sessions.

Lesson learned – don’t underestimate the power of carrot cake!


I worked out a long time ago that clearly, I am just not the right girl for anyone. And I’m happy with that. Me, myself and I (after a rough start) get on very well now and I don’t need anyone to make me feel happy or complete (if that makes sense?).

I’ve had my share of being treated badly, shall we say – an option, a replacement, a stand-by, a joke, etc.

I finally know my value. I may be quirky, weird, geeky, lanky, but I am deserving of something real, something true and something better.

I am strong enough now to realise that I am worth the effort of climbing to the top of the tree.

Lesson learned – I believe in actions not words.

3.  SMILE everyday.

No matter what, just smile. Like the song goes, “smile, though your heart is aching!”

Life is better when you smile.

Smiles, like laughter, are infectious, and your smile may make someone else’s day.

Lesson learned – smiling makes you feel better.

2.  GRAB OPPORTUNITIES by the proverbials.

Life sends us opportunities every day. We just need to open our eyes to find them.

When you are sent an opportunity, embrace it and make the most of it. It may lead to bigger and better things.

Lesson learned – be grateful for everything life throws your way.


Every day is a blessing, no matter what the day holds for you.

Don’t worry about what other people think, do what makes you happy. What is the point of doing stuff that makes you miserable?

Life may not always work out the way we want, it will always hold surprises – good, bad or otherwise – and those little blips will either lead us onto better things, teach us what we need to know or just be something to brush off.

There will always be some upset, but at the end of the day that’s life, it’s never going to be plain sailing.

We have 86,400 seconds every day to live life to the fullest, so don’t waste them.

Lesson learned – to wake up every morning and feel grateful and blessed for another chance.


What have you learned this year?

Happy New Year everyone

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What is the best make-up remover?

olive oilIt’s much cheaper than the chemical laden stuff you buy from the make-up counters.

In fact, you find it in your kitchen cupboard.

Olive Oil!

It really does cut through make-up like anyone’s business.

I used to find when using my “Green People” make-up remover that half of my make-up was still on my face, and my eyelashes still had mascara on them.

Then I read on t’internet that olive oil was quite good as a natural alternative.

And game to try anything I thought “what have I got to lose”.

WOW! Is all I can say.

It really does work.

The make-up comes off easily and, of course, being an oil you get moisture added back to the face as well, which is especially good around the eye area.

So once the olive oil has done it’s job, you can wash your face as normal and not have to worry about panda eyes!!!

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The Wonders of Cling Film!!!

cling filmWho knew that the annoying stuff you use to wrap sandwiches in could be such a brilliant tool in beauty treatments?

Now, you may remember last year the “must-have” treatment was a “cling-film facial”.

Yes, that’s right, stick this over you face (don’t forget to add breathing holes) and voila plumper, firmer looking skin. Actually there’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s kind of the gist.

Well, on my search of natural treatments that you can do at home I stumbled upon another little gem that uses cling film.


Or rather, an aid to assist the smoothing of the cracked hard skin on your feet.

Having spent pretty much my entire life dancing barefoot and walking around with no shoes on – I don’t wear shoes (that’s not to say I don’t like shoes 😉 ) if I can possibly help it, even when I worked in an office I used to remove shoes and wander around barefoot – the skin underneath my feet was rather hard.

Apparently, I did read that another reason for hard skin on the feet is past traumas and once the skin is repaired so to is the hurt from all past traumas – how true that is I couldn’t say, but open to all possibilities.

Anyway, so back to my search for a cure for hard skin on the feet.  Obviously the most talked about ones involve going to a ‘professional’ and getting them to pretty much just razor off the skin. Mmmmm? No thanks, think I’ll pass on that one.

I tried pumice stones – could never figure those out, do you rub the skin when it’s wet or dry? Who knows!

I tried one of those hard skin removers that look like a rotating nail file, but slightly rougher.

And yet nothing seemed to work.

Then I stumbled across an article that suggested before you go to be to plaster your feet in moisturising cream/olive oil/Vaseline or any other lotion, wrap your feet in cling film and then pull on a pair of socks over the cling film.

The idea behind it is pretty much the same as the “cling film facial” in the fact that the cling film acts as an insulator and keeps warm air trapped in, so that the moisture absorbs further and deeper into the skin thereby making a bigger impact.

Game to try anything, so I gave it a go.

Two things to note:

  1. Make sure you don’t have to cross the room to put the light out because walking with a goodly dollop of lotion, cling film and socks on your feet is slightly precarious – a bit like walking on ice!
  2. If you suffer from cold feet (which I do) then days of not being able to get to sleep because your feet haven’t warmed up are over. Ah, they stay nice and toasty all night long 😉

When you wake up in the morning remove socks and cling film and then rinse and dry your feet.

The result? Well, they felt a little bit smoother after the 1st night, but not much. However, after a week of this ritual my feet were 100% improved. Still not perfect, but then I walk barefoot and don’t wear slippers, what do I expect 😉 But certainly a vast improvement on previous attempts.

Cling film foot treatment is here to stay!

As for the “cling film facial” yes I have tried it. Tried to mock something up at home. The idea is you soak a cotton face mask in water and serum (probably some anti-ageing stuff with a lot of nasty chemicals in it), pop the mask on, cover with cling film and relax for 20 minutes, remove and rinse.

So, I didn’t have a face mask, so I thought I’d try to attempt it with make-up remover pads, they’re cotton right? So I applied Vitamin E oil onto my face and then soaked make-up remover pads in hot water (going for the steam effect) which I then applied to my face. Mmmm! Let’s just say a face mask would be easier, because as you apply the pads sitting up they just fall right off, so you end up having to do some kind of facial contortions to keep them on. Then apply the cling film – just make sure you don’t rip it 😉

Did it work? Hard to tell, probably need to have another try if I can find a cotton face mask. But failing that I think I’ll just ask the Turkish Barber to wrap my face in a hot towel next time SC is having his hair cut – looks a lot less hassle and very relaxing 😉


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