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Lucky Escape from a Control Freak


Yesterday I had an awakening that I had indeed escaped the clutches of a control freak.

We had the fortnightly state visit by Mr Wrong No. 2, and SC casually mentioned that I had taken him out for lunch on Monday. Nothing unusual in that, it was the day before he went back to school and I tought I’d take him out for a treat.

He had wanted to go to the pub where we had gone to lunch on my dad’s birthday. No problem, phoned up and booked.

When we got there, we bumped into someone from church and also “Boomerang Bay” (aka my first love). (Funny that he was in a pub – drink problem and all that – nothing changes)

Anyway, so SC told Mr Wrong No.2 that we had bumped into ‘Uncle J”.

Immediately, it was “Who’s Uncle J?” – not just a casual question, but a demanding, interrogating intonation.

“WTF!” – apart from the fact that he’s a very old friend of mine (which I blatantly pointed out), it quite frankly has absolutely nothing to do with him whether I have friends that are male.

It’s not like I’m bringing home different men every week – and therefore not being a good role model to my son – unlike him, who has, at the last count bedded over 5 women in front of his other son.

I haven’t had any kind of relationship since I had SC. I’ve been on a couple of dates, but SC has never known about them, and they were certainly not worth mentioning as they never went further than those few dates, and I certainly wouldn’t be that type of single mother who did introduce SC to a different man every time the whim took me.

Now who is the more responsible parent?

And even if I did find someone who did like me enough to take a relationship further, would I have to ask his permission?

I was fuming with that question – not because of any lingering feelings, there are none, but the way it was said.

Quite frankly, no one has the right to dictate who another person can be friends with. It just showed him in his true colours as nothing more than a control freak, who thinks his own opinion is the only one worth listening too.

I thank my lucky stars I escaped!


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