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Love is … like an exam!

examExcept there’s no revision needed for the first sitting, thankfully, however, it’s one of the those where you can re-sit and hopefully get better until you get the grade you want 😉

Sometimes the problems are easy – in which case you answer and move on swiftly to the next one.

Sometimes the problem is a multiple choice – always tricky, and it’s not for nothing it’s called multiple guess!!!

If you seriously have no clue from the options, just take your pick.  Word of warning though, you can’t go back and change your mind after!

If you know the answer, then go for it and delete all the other options from the list.

Sometimes the problem is a little bit more tricky and requires a lot more thought.

My headmaster always said if you’re faced with a tricky problem  in an exam move on to the next and go back when you’ve finished the paper – unfortunately though life is not quite that simple.

So with a tricky problem you have 2 choices.

You can either move on to the next problem, but there is no going back – you have to keep moving forward – and if you find yourself wishing you could, sorry, no can do. You made your choice.

Or you can work on the problem until it is solved and feel satisfied that you tried.

As for me, I think this is one exam I will never, ever pass.

Far too tricky for me, so I’ll just sit quietly at the top of my tree admiring the view 😉

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Love is … like dancing

danceThere’s passion, there’s feeling and there’s rhythm!

Sometimes you get asked to dance a social foxtrot – it’s friendly and fun, but boy it gets tedious after a while – the rhythm and the steps never change and there’s no passion.

Sometimes you join in to a samba beat – plenty of rhythm, plenty of passion but it’s over before you really get a chance to enjoy it.

Occasionally you get to join the hip-hop/street crew and that’s totally disjointed, difficult to understand and painful!

Ballet is beautiful, lyrical, passionate and totally mesmerising, but it can be wooden, fake and very painful.

Of all the dances my favourite is the rumba – it takes it time to warm up but there’s passion a-plenty, rhythm, feeling, tenderness and sensuality – I just hate it when that dance ends!!

But after each dance we always learn what we do and don’t like in order to become better dancers the next time we get asked 😉

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Love is … like a car crash!

car crash

Sometimes it’s just the merest bump and you walk away unscathed with your insurance in tact.

Sometimes one vehicle is crushed more than the other. So whilst one walks away scot-free, the other is left to recover, recuperate and work out what the hell happened!

Sometimes both vehicles are written-off. In which case there is nothing that can be done, but try to build up your confidence to get back in the damn car again!

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Love is … like riding a bicycle

…on a bicycle made for 2!on_a_bicycle_made_for_two_by_saya1984-d35dr83

Riding a bicycle is great – in the country, sun shining, the open road, no traffic – although I do prefer bikes with engines 😉

With 2 of you, it’s even better. You can each take a break when weary and let the other take up the slack.

When you get to the steep hills that you would never get up alone, it’s much better to share the journey uphill with someone else and work together to conquer the mountain.

And when you get to the top, what could be better than free-wheeling down the other side?


Picture by Saya1984 (Deviant Art)


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Love is … like rowing a boat

rowing boatTo work effectively it needs two people rowing together., in order to keep moving along.

If just one person is doing the rowing, whilst the other person leans back admiring the view, then you end up just going round in circles.

And if you stop rowing and the other person doesn’t pick up the slack, throw them overboard 😉


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Love Is … Like a Jigsaw

You know, you search for ages for the right piece to fit.jigsaw

You try lots of different pieces that look like possibilities.

Sometimes, there’s even one piece you may be convinced is the right one, but whichever way you try it just doesn’t fit, but still you hold it in your hand, reluctant to let it go.

Just in case.

Then, suddenly, without even looking for it, you find the piece you have been searching for.

Like a glistening jewel catching a ray of sun as it hides beneath another piece or two.

You pick it up, and instinctively feel that it is the right piece.

You don’t know why, you haven’t even tried putting the piece in the jigsaw yet.

And what about the piece you are still holding?

You carefully put that piece in a safe place, just in case.

Then you take the piece you feel is right and start to move towards fitting the jigsaw pieces together.

Generally, putting the piece in the jigsaw is an easy task, and then you can get on with creating the rest of the jigsaw.

But , sometimes, you let go and the perfect piece falls from your hand.

Do you try to catch it, or do you just let it fall?


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Love is Like – Alcohol

First and probably foremost, love is an addiction, just as much as other addictions. alcohol

After all everyone is constantly searching for their next fix!

But like alcohol everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to it:

Some may prefer a cool, crisp, dry white wine (I’m thinking David Duchovny – very preppy)

Whilst other may prefer a dark, full-bodied, inviting red wine (probably along the lines of Keanau Reeves – dark and broody)

Then of course there’s a Rose – a light feminine wine but it hits all the right notes (definitely the metro sexual here, someone in tune with their feminine side – David Beckham please stand up)

Obviously, everyone has a dalliance they are not particularly proud of, now that would be like drinking the cheapest plonk out there – seriously as near to methanol as you could possibly get – think Thunderbird!!

With spirits you go for the slow intoxication of the senses until everything is numb and you have no idea what planet you are on and all you can think of is the warmth you feel radiating from your centre.

If you prefer shots – you must like it fast and furious – over as soon as it starts type thing – and you just keep going back for more!

Cocktails assume the personality of someone who likes to mix it up (and yes, I am going to go for a whole list of cocktail clichés now) – sex on the beach followed by an earthquake which will induce a screaming orgasm and several other orgasms. Then whilst you are enjoying a bit of hanky-panky with your savoy affair, the old Etonian will place you in the sidecar of his Vesper Martini and drive up Pall Mall and take you for a long slow screw up against a wall (I could go on, but I won’t – who knew there were so many ‘names’ for cocktails?)

Then we up the game and head for champagne.

The upper echelon of the alcohol kingdom.

Dizzy, fizzy and totally out of your league – but we should all taste champagne at some point in our life. I like pink champagne 😉

Not that I drink – I’ve sipped pink champagne at weddings and do like it better than normal champagne – but on the whole I don’t drink at all.

And therein methinks lies the rub.

No addiction to alcohol = no addiction to love.

(I’m stuffed! 😉 )

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Love Is … Like Playing an Instrument

You know, in the beginning it’s very awkward as you get used to the way it feels.instrument

You hit the odd bum note, and sometimes can be very out of tune.

Sometimes you think “to hell with this, it’s too difficult!” and swap to try a different instrument.

But with practise the right instrument becomes part of you and you become one with the instrument.

Until with no effort at all you make the most beautiful music 😉

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Love Is … Like Climbing a Mountain

The beginning bit is always the hardest as you try to get in step with your fellow climber.mountain

Sometimes the rhythm just never kicks in and you have to continue up the mountain alone.

Sometimes your fellow climber decides the path is too difficult and just bails on you.

Sometimes your fellow climber decides he’d rather climb another, less tricky mountain.

Sometimes your fellow climber stumbles and you hold out your hand to catch them – whether they decide to grab back is their choice.

Sometimes you stumble and need a steadying hand – your fellow climber may or may not help.

The further up the mountain you travel the climb gets easier as you know how to work together to make the journey.

If you are very lucky, you will find a climber who will make it to the top of the mountain with you.

And when you get there, you can reflect on the journey taken and enjoy the view!

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Love is Like – Sailing

… and it’s never plain sailing either.SailingSunset

Some boats never even make it out of the harbour!

Sometimes we journey on a speedboat, and we want to yell out “slow down”, but it’s far too exciting and fun, for a while, before the boat runs out of power and then it stops as abruptly as it started.

Sometimes we get to travel on a luxury yacht and we pinch ourselves to make sure that it’s really true and that we really have made it to ‘first-class’. All too often though we end up as the second-class mate made to scrub the decks, having been replaced by a more suitable first-class mate!

Sometimes we travel in the tug boat behind the cruise liner wishing that just once we could join everyone on the liner and experience what they are, but the tug boat never catches up.

Sometimes we travel on a fishing vessel where the net is spread wide catching everything and anything in its path. It’s a long, arduous task sifting the good fish from the bad fish though!

If we are very lucky we end up on a boat that is going in the direction we want to travel.

All the signals are good, weather fine, course mapped, provisions full.

And when you set sail, you have to learn to work together to get the boat moving in the right direction, otherwise you can veer off course, stand still, or even just go round in circles.

There may be choppy waters or high gales and this is when you have to work hardest to keep the boat on course. If you are on the right boat whatever you encounter the boat stays its course, mind you sometimes the boat gets abandoned quicker than rats deserting the sinking ship!

Once you have navigated the initial tricky passage from harbour, up the estuary and out into the main body of water, the hardest part is over.

All that’s left to do is sail off into the sunset and enjoy all the ‘adventures that wait in the waters off the coast of tomorrow’!

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