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Mid-January Update…

Well, it’s the middle of the first month of the new year – how’s it going so far?

Of my “10 things to do in 2014” list, I am going great guns with exercising every day.

I am doing the 10 minute exercise DVD – one for my abs and one for my legs and bum – I have done them religiously every day. I’m also doing a 30-day arm challenge designed to tone up my arms (no bingo wings or muffin tops here!)

And yes, sometimes it is hard to motivate myself to do them. Any form of regular exercise, be it going to the gym or doing stuff at home, does require motivation and an inner discipline to get on and do it even though your chimp part of your brain wants to take the easy option and slouch on the couch in your pyjamas.

But, my discipline is, if I can take a 20 minute coffee break during the day, I’ve got time to do 20 minutes of exercising.

So, for the past 17 days I have exercised – abs, legs and bum, and arms.

And guess what?

I’m beginning to notice a difference.

Any form of exercise is going to take a while to see any change – and I think that’s where some people can get disheartened as they may expect to see instantaneous results after 100 crunches – I believe that it takes 2 weeks for you to begin to see a difference and 4 weeks for other people to start noticing.

So you have to keep going if you want to see results.

And aside from the obvious toning up aspect, the other advantage to exercising is the release of happy hormones 😉

I’ve also started reading Tolstoy’s “War & Peace”.

I downloaded it onto the kindle as it’s the kind of thing I can pick up and read a little bit of whilst waiting for SC at any one of his various after-school things.

I’m 8% in, so far.

To be honest, I have had to force myself to read it.

Up until 6% I was thinking it was possible the dullest book in the history of books, but the action seems to have picked up a bit now.

Drunken debauchery resulting in a bear being tied to a policeman and both being thrown in a river – the offenders being sent home in disgrace, some Count has died whilst people were squabbling over his will, literally over his death-bed, and there are letters which give the merest hint of forbidden love between women in 19th century Russia…who knew it was a forerunner of 50 Shades of rubbish!

Maybe when I’ve finished this, I’ll settle down with “Gone with the Wind” – just as long a book and film!


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Review – VEET EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Removing unwanted body hair is a nightmare! Over the years I have tried many hair removal techniques for various body areas:

Epilady– do you remember those? I tried this in my teenage years after I got a ribbing at school for not having shaved my legs. The contraption effectively pulled the hairs out as circular metal bits rotated around. It certainly lasted longer than shaving, but resulted in many in-grown hairs. Result? It got binned.

Shaving – quick and easy, until you use it one day and it gives your hair follicles a nasty infection. Result? Something worse than in-grown hairs – redness, scabs, a very unattractive look. To be avoided at all costs – it took over 2 years for the infection to finally heal. The other downside of shaving is the frequency. You, sometimes, end up having to shave pretty much every day (not that I ever had to, I hasten to add)

Hair Removal Cream – another Veet product I use, mainly for underarms and Bikini line. Very effective, bit of a faff waiting 10 minutes for the cream to do its job though. Standing there in the buff pretending to be a broad bean, so you don’t get cream anywhere else!

Waxing – at a salon. A very effective, long-lasting, clean method of hair removal. Trouble is that it is expensive. OK, so you don’t have to have your ‘bits’ waxed every week, but even so on a limited budget £50 a month can be a bit of a stretch (½ a leg, bikini and underarm)

There have been some very good home waxing solutions over the years. Aside from the hair removal cream, Veet wax strips, are also very good. I also tried various microwaveable systems, they were all pretty useless though.

So, to date, nothing has actually been as good as going to the local salon to be de-furred, so to speak…

Until now. When I saw this in Boots, I was intrigued. Could you really get salon wax results, doing it yourself from the comfort of your own living room?

So, dear reader, I bought one.

The initial pack comes with a wax holder suitable for legs. There is a smaller wax holder, purchased separately for bikini and underarm. You can also purchase extra removal strips.

The instructions say to insert the wax cartridge into the gadget, pop it in the holder and then plug it in to the electrics for 20 minutes. Then just roll on and away you go.

Simple as that.

Yes it really is that simple, except:

  1. It actually takes longer than 20 minutes for the thing to heat up. After 20 minutes, I shook the gadget and desperately tried to get wax out, it was still cold. I’d say give it at least 30 minutes and then shake the gadget.
  2. After using it a couple of times there actually seems to be a wrong side and a right side to the gadget. The wax seems easier to roll on facing one way as opposed to the other – now that could just be me.

I have attempted my normal salon experience using this system and the results:

½ Leg Wax – Pretty good. Having had my legs waxed ‘professionally’ for so many years I’ve watched the technique and would say it’s quite easy. This Veet system does actually give you pretty much a salon result … assuming you know what you are doing!

Bikini – being lazy I haven’t actually used the smaller attachment, but even with the larger attachment, the pant moustache can be removed fairly easily. Again, assuming you know what you need to do when it comes to stripping.

Underarm – nightmare, don’t bother. You need more than one pair of hands for this, as well as eyes in a completely different position to where they are actually situated. It really makes you go cross-eyed.

According to consumer trials 8 out 10 thought it was easy to apply and effective, with 9 out of 10 saying it was mess-free. To this I would agree.

I would say this system is OK. It is possibly the best home waxing system I have purchased in terms of ease of use, no mess, etc. BUT I do have some concerns:

  1. It is virtually impossible to do your own underarm waxing, in my opinion. Like I said you need 2 pairs of hands as you need to pull the skin in order to strip, but doing it on your own you can only use the hand of the arm you are trying to wax underneath. So, unless you are a contortionist, it’s not that easy. Also, you really cannot see clearly what you are doing, and even if you use a mirror you are having to do everything back to front!
  2. It’s not really designed to do anything more than a general tidy-up around the pant moustache area. If you are after something more substantial and tidying up the lady garden underneath, then I would use a professional. It does say it is not for use on the perineal/genital area, so it is pretty much just a tidy-up job.
  3. I would not be comfortable letting my 12-year-old daughter (if I had one) using one of these unsupervised. I would also say that unless you are used to waxing, then anything other than the legs would be a no-no for a novice. Yes, it’s easy to use, but there is a technique to minimise the pain. Did I forget to mention that waxing can be painful!!!

I would say for the system to be the best, just stick to legs. Cream (despite the method acting broad bean exercises) is much better and easier for other areas.

I will continue to use it for my legs until the wax runs out, but I don’t think I shall be replacing the cartridge. I shall stick to wax strips and cream, and when I can afford it treat myself to have someone professional do it.

My marks

Ease of use – 9 out of 10 for legs, 3 out of 10 for bikini and underarm purely because I don’t think it can be used effectively in these areas.

Effectiveness – 9 out of 10 for legs, 6 out of 10 for bikini line (loss of marks because you can’t tidy the lady garden), 2 out of 10 for underarm

Mess – 9 out of 10 – pretty mess free

NoteThis is my honest opinion of the product which I bought.

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