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What Would You Write to Juliet?

I stumbled across a film last week on the television called “Letters to Juliet”.G77-503383

Great chick flick, easy watching with a plot that’s easy to guess. But it did get me thinking 3 things:

1.  Franco Nero is still a stunningly gorgeous man – first saw him in the 1960s film version of Camelot (scrummy!) and like a good wine he just improves with age – mmmm 😉

2. Italy is a beautiful country and I am more determined than ever to try to learn the language and explore it – I think I might even take SC on a train trip next summer.


3. If I were to leave a letter for Juliet, what would I write???


Dear Juliet

I envy you?

You found what most of us spend an entire lifetime searching for.

True love.

That one person who loves you and would be willing to die for you.

One day I hope that I too, will find someone with a good heart who will love me unreservedly, unashamedly and passionately, someone to be my best friend and someone who will be my companion as I walk on my journey through life.

Blessed Be.



What would you write?

Why not leave your letter in the comments?

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Separated at Birth?

…or is this just me?

I happened to walk into the living room whilst my dad was watching the Spain -v- Italy match on television. The camera panned to the Italian manager (Cesare Prandelli) and I said that I didn’t realise that the guy who plays Bob Hope in Emmerdale had another job.

Tony Audenshaw.jpg   Prandelli6



Now is it just me, or does anyone else think they have a striking resemblance?



What other unlikely combinations do you think could have been separated at birth?



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