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Friday Poem – Art

A poem by the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882).

A poem that celebrates man’s imagination and creativity, and that through art, in whatever form, man gives his life importance.


Give to barrows, trays, and pans
Grace and glimmer of romance;
Bring the moonlight into noon
Hid in gleaming piles of stone;
On the city’s paved street
Plant gardens lined with lilacs sweet;
Let spouting fountains cool the air,
Singing in the sun-baked square;
Let statue, picture, park, and hall,
Ballad, flag, and festival,
The past restore, the day adorn,
And make to-morrow a new morn.
So shall the drudge in dusty frock
Spy behind the city clock
Retinues of airy kings,
Skirts of angels, starry wings,
His fathers shining in bright fables,
His children fed at heavenly tables.
‘T is the privilege of Art
Thus to play its cheerful part,
Man on earth to acclimate,
And bend the exile to his fate,
And, moulded of one element
With the days and firmament,
Teach him on these as stairs to climb,
And live on even terms with Time;
Whilst upper life the slender rill
Of human sense doth overfill.

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Friday Poem – Life’s Most Important Treasures

A little late, but a lovely poem by Maureen Doan

Life’s Most Important Treasures


in your heart,

your mind,

your soul.


with yourself

and with the universe.



to feel, to need,

to reach out.


to let yourself

be bound by love.



to learn, to change,

to let go.


of the truth

and beauty within yourself.



in all that you see,

and touch,

and do.


with yourself

and with the world.


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What things have you started …

…that you haven’t finished?

This was an interesting question I heard on the radio coming home from school yesterday, and listeners were encouraged to ring in and divulge their unfinished tasks.

Now, where would I begin…

  1. I have an embroidery tablecloth that I was given when I was a teenager – I started but I haven’t finished. I pick it up occasionally, and most recently was about 10 years ago – I’m seriously never going to finish it.
  2. Les Miserables – I’ve seen the show, I’ve seen the film, I’ve got the book and read the first page – maybe I should sit down and plough my way through, then I’ll try “War and Peace”
  3. Far to many craft projects to mention – from clothes to cards.
  4. My big book of ideas – is teaming with projects to do, some half-heartedly attempted, the rest haven’t seen light of day since I had the idea – I just never seem to have the time.

… and that’s the problem – time. Other things just keep popping up that take precedence.

A wise man told me that you should write down a to-do list and systematically go through and finish each one before attempting the next.

Some stuff is trivial and can be thrown off the list, but the more important things like my ideas, I really should just sit down and put them in order of priority and then tackle each one.

Although my first priority is sorting work out!! (That could take a while – so many ideas!)

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Glossing over Information

You know when you’re chatting to someone and they say something, that is incredibly significant, or important┬áto them, and you register it, but then there’s a sense of awkwardness – should you pick up on it and ask questions? After all, they may not want to talk about it, or it may not appropriate for you to ask questions.

Then a few hours later, you wish you had, because you don’t want them to think that the information had not been received and you don’t care.



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