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Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush …

toothbrushDisturbing fact I read in the paper yesterday was the according to a survey 1 in 4 people do NOT pack a toothbrush or toothpaste when they go on holiday.


Can I just say that’s totally minging!

Seriously, how could you go on holiday for a fortnight and not brush your teeth once?

Sure, I pack light when I go away.

I don’t need hairdryers or hair products bar shampoo – I like the sea scrunch look and I never use a hairdryer anyway.

I don’t need the entire Bobbi Brown/Max Factor make-up counter – minimalist look.

BUT, the one thing I never, ever leave home without is my toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s another one of my thing’s I’m fairly fanatical about – brushing my teeth morning, noon and night.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret … I’ve never, ever had a filling (touches all the wooden objects I can see)

However, most people seem to pack everything including the kitchen sink when going on their annual fortnightly summer vacation – but despite their seemingly groaning toiletries bag they forget toothbrush and toothpaste … on purpose!



Words fail me!


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I’ve a confession to make – I’m in love …

… with my pyjamas 😉

There is no nicer feeling (cuddling SC aside) than stepping into my PJs at the end of the day – about 6 o’clock actually.  Some people have wine o’clock, I work on PJ o’clock.

With my PJs on I feel like a new woman.  Well, a woman who can actually relax from the day’s hectic schedule of early morning wake ups (2am this morning! (well it was his birthday and he was excited, the light didn’t actually go on until 5, but he didn’t go back to sleep!)), rushing around getting ready for school/work, the school run (shudder), work, housework, afternoon school run (shudder), after-school activities, tea, bath, story, collapse.

And yes, sometimes I even stay in my PJs all day – usually during school holidays. We have PJ days, and just curl up and watch movies all day long – total bliss 😉

If you’re interested today’s PJs are a fetching purple and green check trousers with a blue top – sounds clashy, but it actually goes.

Am planning a long summer holiday, so maybe I’ll start a new category on the blog called “The PJ Diaries” and post pictures of my PJs on holiday – heck holiday feet have gone viral, so why not my PJs 😉

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How to Confuse a Child…

… in a couple of easy steps.confusion

Time is a difficult concept for children to grasp, especially the ideas of yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, etc.

For children, unlike adults take their life one day at a time and live it to its fullest.

When does this stop, when do we stop living life to its fullest?

But I digress.

Hilarity ensued at the breakfast table this morning with regards to days.

Half term starts tomorrow – it being Saturday and all.

SC said that he wished it would be tomorrow, and the start of half term proper.

I replied, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that if it was tomorrow, then tomorrow would actually be today and tomorrow would in fact be Sunday, the 2nd day of his holiday.

“After all,” I said, “remember that tomorrow never comes, because tomorrow always becomes today.”

We went round in circles for a while, whilst I explained, several times that if it was tomorrow, it would be Saturday and Saturday’s tomorrow would be Sunday.

He looked at the calendar on the wall, perplexed.

Then said, “I still wish it was tomorrow!”


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Christmas Hell

Going to have a wee bit of a moan, about the not-so-sunny side to Christmas.Nativity-Scene

Christmas is supposed to be a time for celebration.

But what of?

It surely isn’t celebrating the endless queues, pushing and shoving or the last-minute panic buying on what the media inform us is the retailer’s annual busiest day of the year!

Why is it that year in, year out Christmas becomes less of a celebration of peace, love and hope, and more a blind alleyway leading to stress, anger and bankruptcy?

We get stressed out worrying that we haven’t bought enough food, or presents, or the right presents for the kids so they can keep up with their friends. All that pent-up stress gets released during the annual Christmas row about 11 o’clock as you have realised you didn’t put the sprouts on in April and therefore they won’t be done in time! And we spend so much on food and presents that we end up paying for this 1 day for the next 12 months!

Is the UK the only country in the world (clearly of those that celebrate Christmas) that has scenes of pandemonium and people queueing at 6 o’clock on Christmas Eve morning (or even last thing before they close) to get into the supermarket or the shopping mall for those ‘last minute essentials’?

IT IS ONE DAY IN THE YEAR – the shops are closed for at least 1 day, at most 2!

Why the sudden onrush to buy things like they are going out of fashion, or you are stocking for a  2 month siege?

In December, for the media at least, it seems that the run up to Christmas is all that happens in the world. As every day is this years busiest online shopping day, or busiest retailers shopping day, or busiest weekend buying day, or busiest day when men go shopping, or I could go on.

But is it only in the UK? Is it like this in other countries, say France, or Canada?

Or is it because, like most things, we, in the UK, do it to excess?

We over-eat, over-drink and over-buy (just in case some long-lost relative you haven’t seen or spoken to for the last 12 months suddenly turns up, uninvited on your door-step)

Talking of over-buying, why do we write Christmas cards to people who we haven’t seen or spoken to in the last year. If we haven’t bothered to keep in contact – it’s not difficult these days, with email and Facebook, and yes, I know it takes two – why bother writing a card, promising to keep in touch or meet up, when the next thing you will do is remember to write another card to them 12 months hence? It’s just an observation.

And Secret Santa – not even going there!

Also, why is it that in Soapland you can never have a happy Christmas? It’s always doom and gloom, someone dies, someone breaks up, another gangster fight breaks out!

I know things like this happen in reality, and at Christmas, but we don’t really want to be reminded whilst we’re having a ‘wafer thin mint’ after saying that we couldn’t eat another thing and lounging on the sofa, exhausted from eating too much!

And yes, I know soaps are supposed to be real-life based , but I think that idea went out the window a long time ago, so therefore why can’t everyone for once have a happy Christmas!

Another mince pie, anyone?

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Holidays – Free Kids Places?

Not if you’re a single parent!

Don’t the ads look so great, and then there’s the added incentive of free, or discounted children’s places.


No, it doesn’t apply if you are a single parent.

If you are a single parent and want to take your child away, they have to pay full adult price. The small print, for virtually every single tour operator (and believe me, I’ve looked) says that the discounts only apply to children sharing a room with 2 adults.

Now, I don’t do package holidays. I prefer to enjoy myself rather than being herded like a sheep with 300 strangers who after 2 weeks of complaining about the food and weather return home looking like an over-boiled lobster!

But, package holidays do hold a certain appeal (more in the safety aspect than anything else) if you’re venturing abroad with a small person. However, I was quite frankly amazed when I started looking for a holiday. I actually stumbled upon this little fact last year, and have pretty much researched as much as I can before setting words down.

Everywhere you go and look for holidays, last-minute, bargain breaks in the paper, full price brochure the same rule seems to apply. Unless you have 2 adults the child discount does not apply.

Do single parents not deserve a holiday and to enjoy the same benefits as, for want of a better word, a ‘normal’ family? In this day and age when more and more parents are on their own surely the holiday companies should modernise their discriminatory rules?

Why should I have to pay an adult fare for SC when he wouldn’t have to pay the same flight price if I booked independently, most hotels actually charge per room per night, not based on number of occupants and finally he certainly wouldn’t eat more as much as an adult?

I’ve come to the conclusion that in these modern technological times holiday tour operators and package holidays are a dying breed and should be left to die out.

It is cheaper and definitely easier to find flights and good quality hotels at decent prices, much lower than a package price. Really the only thing you are paying for by buying a package holiday is a rep, you’re not buying a better quality holiday, in my humble opinion.

I appreciate that  for a lot of people a package is a good option, but the tour operators should really do something about their 2 adult policy, it gives off signals that they don’t want their holidays sullied with the likes of single parents, because of course we are all troublemakers, scum of the earth and underneath are covered in green scales!

For me, I shall stick with avoiding package holidays. I want to take SC on adventures, not just a flight from hell and 2 weeks of not seeing any culture, except the antics of the Englishman abroad!

I think next year we might try inter-railing, quite fancy the lakes and mountains of Austria (but that might also have something to do with me wanting to run up a big hill singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” 😉

This year, who knows. I’d best get cracking trying to sort something out, I’ve got 2 weeks to take a break from tomorrow. EEK!

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