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Can you name the songs these 5 lyrics come from?

It’s the post-Christmas lull, and I thought I would get the little grey cells working.

I’ve been doing a quiz today – unscrambling anagrams of country names – I seriously don’t get out much 😉 And I thought I would post 5 lines from 5 pop songs (could be from any era) for your sheer amusement, if you are feeling a bit bored 😉

So, here we go, name the song and artist:

Song 1 – “Sometimes you feel afraid” – “I made it through the rain” (Barry Manilow)

Song 2 – “Never meant to ever hurt nobody” – “Girl with the heart of gold” (REO Speedwagon)

Song 3 – “Now there’s only emptiness, nothing to say” – “Knowing me, Knowing you” (ABBA)

Song 4 – I guess I was wrong” – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Deep Blue Something)

Song 5 – “I’m gonna be the one that gets it right” – “Don’t feel like dancin'” (Scissor Sisters)

Good luck – I’ll post the answers on Sunday evening – happy song hunting 😉

Edited 1st January 2014 – hope you had fun finding the lyrics 😉

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