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How easy is it to get lost in the woods?

Not one where you don’t know where you are going, but one where you have a map – albeit a hand-drawn affair?woods

Surprisingly very easy, judging by SC and my effort this afternoon.

We went to some National Trust woodland this afternoon and they provided us with a map.

After doing the small circuit with in the PMV (personal mobility vehicle) with my mum, we set off on the slightly longer circuit in search of mini-beasts, deer, trees to climb, etc.

We managed to reach the curve of the circuit fairly easily – having stopped to look out over the surrounding countryside, found a tree with a branch that touched the ground – so SC now thinks he has climbed a tree –  looked underneath moss and stuff to find centipedes, worms and the such – personally I think it was a little too dry for them – and best of all we actually spotted a deer in the woodland. SC was amazed, and it came quite close, however, I was not quick enough to take a picture on my camera and it skipped off before I could press the button (oops!)

So, we got half-way!


Next thing we had to find was a fallen tree.

SC found that no problem, or so we thought.

According to the map the path should have taken us back to the middle of the small circuit.

So we kept walking.

And walking.

And walking.

Until at length we came, not to the junction I was anticipating, but the main road!


Where could we have possible gone wrong?

I studied the map.

And then I studied it again.

Seriously, I could not see where we could have gone wrong.

The next thing was most definitely a fallen down tree, which we found.

The only slight discrepancy between the location of the actual tree we found, and the one on the map, was that it wasn’t past the house in the woods (yes, that one, in a dark, dark wood, is a dark, dark house, etc.), and the one we saw was!

Surely there can’t have been two fallen down trees?

Also the signs for the walk we were on indicated for us to turn the way we did!

So, mild panic setting in on my part, insofar as my mum was sitting blissfully unaware in the car, back at the car park, which I thought closed at 5pm! Time was 4:30.

We spotted someone on a bike who told us to turn right at the first crossroads we saw and that should take us back to where we needed to go.

So, back SC and I set at a fair old pace – yes we ran!

Not for long, we did the run for a bit and walk for the rest of the way 😉

Anyway, we got to something that vaguely resembled a crossroads.

And do you know, when you are a little unsure all roads in a wood look the same, no wonder it is so easy to get lost!

However, I was a bit wary and very conscious of time, so I thought the best course of action was to re-trace our steps through the woods, and not take any turnings that might make us more lost!

Thankfully, by retracing our steps, we did reach the car, and more importantly before the car park closed. Phew!!

It was a fabulous walk, I just wish I knew where we had gone wrong…

I think I’m going to have to go back and have another go!!!


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