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There’s something nasty in the woodshed!!!

…in the form of a disgusting smell.

I kid you not, since the weather has gotten warmer, SC and I have braved the outside world to play, and obviously this involved retrieving stuff – bike, scooter, football, etc., – from the garden shed.

But, urgh! The smell has been horrendous. There was something definitely decomposing – vegetation or life form I had no clue. But decomposing was going on somewhere, there was the smell, and then every time I opened the shed door, there were small flies everywhere.

Yesterday, I thought I’d found it. We had kept the heads from last years sunflowers in order to replant the seeds to grow sunflowers again this year. Unfortunately, they went a bit mouldy and mulchy in the shed over winter. My dad hadn’t discarded them in the green bin, and I haven’t ventured outside unless I needed too – prefer to hibernate over winter, snuggled up at home, underneath a blanket, nice and warm and cosy 😉

I digress!

So, the bucket went yesterday.

Today I had to go to the garden centre – 200L of compost to buy for the vegetable patch, I’m going to have fun digging that in, and planting vegetable seeds. When the time came to empty my car of garden centre goodies, I might have also bought a few herbs and plants as well, I thought I would store (just in case it rains) the compost in the smelly shed. This involved having to move stuff around.


There was something definitely nasty and rotting in the woodshed – and it wasn’t a nest of dead mice!

No, it was something much, much worse.

Our garage got flooded during the monsoon season, or British Winter 2013/14, nothing horrendous, just a flash flood as the farmer’s field couldn’t hold the lake of water anymore and it decided to make a break for freedom and run down the road, through anything that stood in its way.

My dad, in his wisdom, moved all the bags that got wet into the shed without looking in them. I quickly retrieved SC’s bag of toys he had decided to send to children in India (but ended up in the rubbish, too damaged), but several bags remained. Including the one containing … THE SMELL!

So, imagine my surprise when I went to move an innocent looking bin bag containing a large clear plastic bag – cue gag reflexes and crawling maggots! Yes indeedy, the clear plastic bag had contained fish food – for the fish in the pond (before they died) – it clearly had got wet and had been sitting in the shed nicely rotting, decomposing and doing whatever else it does.

I don’t think I have ever thrown anything quite as quickly!

I don’t think I could go fishing – not only would the smell of the bait get me, I couldn’t even pick a crawly maggot up!

So, right now it is sitting outside the shed door and I’m wondering, now it’s night-time, whether I should dress up in my secret spy outfit – black clothes, hat and sunglasses – brave the smell, creep up the road and empty said content of … THE SMELL … back to where nature intended, the field at the top of the road, or just let the smell, and hopefully maggots disappear into the night sky over the next couple of nights, wrap it tightly, very tightly in several bin bags and chuck it in the black bin just before collection day??

I’m veering towards the secret spy outfit 😉

The main thing is, thankfully now, there isn’t anything nasty in the woodshed, aside from the odd spider!


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Top 3 Childhood Memories

What are the things that you fondly remember from your childhood?childhood memories

The thought struck me the other day as I was in the supermarket and saw Soreen Malt Toastie Loaf. Total flashback. I loved this as a child and remember how always, no matter how long you’d kept the loaf in the fridge or bread bin, that when you went to cut a slice the loaf squeezed down to a nanomillimetre square!

So my first childhood memory has to be Soreen Malt Loaf spread with butter. Yes, butter, none of that terribly healthy and good for your cholesterol low-fat spread.

My second memory was helping my mum making cakes and then being able to lick the spoon with the remnants of the unmade cake mixture.

Did it matter one iota that it had a raw egg in? No. The egg scare hadn’t happened then. I wonder what would happen today if children were allowed to do that?

But my favourite childhood memory has to be that of my beloved grandfather’s carrots.

He was a nursery-man and had a garden as long as a football pitch (not as wide though) and every inch of it was dedicated to growing vegetables. You name it, he grew it!

He kept onions in tights in his shed, along with sackfuls of potatoes. Cabbages, cauliflowers and other staple vegetables were plentiful. Picked, cooked and served when required.

But the best thing was always going over and helping him dig carrots out of the ground, washing them under some water and then eating them. Nothing will ever come close to beating that taste.

My dad, has not inherited the gardening genes, and carrots grown in our vegetable plot tend to be very tiny! SC and I on the other hand love getting grubby in the garden and have decided that this year we will take on the vegetable patch and I hope that the gardening genes have only skipped 1 generation!

In this day and age of technology it saddens me to think that some children will not have innocent happy childhood memories to look back on, but I hope I can make some for SC 😉


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Top 5 Quirks

You already know that I worry about absolutely everything to my washing shrinking to work and all kinds of stuff in between – but that’s me. I should learn to not sweat over the small stuff, but I have a small obsessive perfectionist gene that sometimes just won’t let me!

Tough to live with – not really, hugs work pretty much most of the time 😉

So, I’ve thought about some more of my quirky ways and here are those that made the top 5 (in no particular order):

1. I find ironing very therapeutic, bizarrely, especially when I have Frank Sinatra playing – although generally need a lower back massage afterwards (all that standing seizes the muscles up)

2. I love decorating (Matt Monro is my painting music) and gardening – could spend hours designing inside and out – one of my tasks on my bucket list is to do up a house … one day;

3. I can be messy – when I say messy, I actually just have piles of organised chaos, but I know where everything is! Filing is not one of my strong points and I’m definitely a messy cook though;

4. I am extremely scatty – to the point I always have to double-check I’ve locked the door, and it has been known for me to drive 100 yards down the road, turn round just to check again;

5. I don’t like clocks – I don’t wear a watch, if I want to know the time I’ll check my phone but that’s the extent of it. My parents have a clock in the kitchen and a grandmother clock and it freaks me out when all I can hear is tick-tick.

and I’m not even afraid of house spiders 😉

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