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The Power of Three…

…will set us free!

I love Charmed. I was an avid viewer when it was on, and enjoy the re-runs as much as ever.

But if I had to choose between all their powers, I don’t think I’d be able to make up my mind.

The Power of Premonition

It would be so handy to be able to know whether someone is good or evil and therefore spare all the heartache. I wouldn’t want to know what the lottery numbers are, because that constitutes personal gain and everyone knows that has consequences!

The Power to Freeze

Wouldn’t it be great to freeze someone mid-flow, tell the what you really want to say and get it off your chest without them hearing, unfreeze them and let them carry on 😉 that way you don’t carry around all this weight that you can’t get rid of because you stop yourself from saying exactly what you want to say.

The Power to Move Things with your Mind

I think this actually might be possible, but I digress, this power would be so useful to move the traffic out of the way on a clogged motorway, wouldn’t it 😉

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