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The A-Z of Life – Temper

Temper, temper!!!

Oh, let’s face it. We’ve all got one. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t lose our rag every now and again. Anyone who says they never do, thou liest methinks!

We all have varying degrees of temper, that’s true. But we’re individuals, we are unique, even our tempers.

I have a temper.

Mine’s a bit like a firework.

Long fuse, big explosion, then it’s all over.

I have lost my rag and done some things I am not proud of, when I was younger – pouring a pint over a boy who was taunting me, slapping several girls who were physically assaulting me, and accusing me of things I had not done.

Now, it could just have been my youthful age and inexperience in life. But it had got to the stage where I just snapped. I should not have risen to the bait, because that made me every bit as bad as them.

I have, over the years, learned to tame the temper. That could just be something to do with age as well.

It takes a lot to make me explode now. But I just shout a lot now, say my piece, walk out the door (OK I might slam it 😉 ) and then I’m fine. Over and done with. Let’s move on!

No mulling over things, no bringing up the same subject again, and again, every time I have an argument. That’s a waste of time.

If you say your piece, you’ve said it. You’ve got it off your chest. No sense using stuff as weapons in the future, is there?



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