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The A-Z of Life – Gullibility

Gullible means easily tricked or manipulated.

Sometimes being gullible just means believing in something that we want to believe in because we feel it will make us happy.

It doesn’t mean we are stupid.

It doesn’t mean we should always believe that everyone is lying either.

No, we have to follow our hearts and believe what we feel is the truth.

I was gullible with Mr Wrong No. 2. I believed him when he said he wanted marriage and children. Having come from a relationship where I had been treated like the hired help, I wanted to believe that.

Truth was he just wanted a replacement for his ex-wife and child. I did not fit that mould – I have opinions 😉

But I have been much more careful with my heart since, and will only give it away to someone who proves themselves worthy and makes me believe in them.

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