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Out of the Mouthes of Babes – Aerodynamics!

Well, we were driving along the motorway today and SC pipes up, “Mummy, do you know why our car is faster than lorries and vans?”aerodynamics

“No…” (obviously thinking that the reason is probably because my car is a lot smaller and not quite as heavy!)

“It’s because we’re streamlined!”


“Yes, our car is lower to the ground and smoother, not like that van over there with its big windscreen going up”

(Am I hearing correctly???)

“See that car is not as streamlined as ours as it isn’t going as fast as us.”

(Mmmm, hold on, maybe that car is just going slower to conserve more fuel, after all I am in the outside lane doing no more than 70mph 😉 )

“But that lorry is really tall, and going really slowly, that’s why we’re streamlined!”

(Move over Adrian Newey!)

“Isn’t that right mummy?”

“Yes darling, in a roundabout way, of course it is!”

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Macaroni & the Highway Code

Why is macaroni the only pasta that sticks to the bottom of the pan?

I can cook all manner of pastas without a problem, but macaroni…every time I cook it – irrespective of whether I stand over it and constantly stir it for the entirety of the cooking time, or just stir occasionally as per the instructions – it sticks to the bottom of the saucepan.

I just don’t get it!

Also, why do car drivers forget their Highway Code when it comes to parked cars along the road.

I was of the opinion that if you are driving along the road in one direction and there are cars parked on the opposite side of the road to you, then you have right of way over on-coming traffic.

Not so, where I live.

You get rude gestures, shouted at, barged out of the way and all manner of niceties if you try and obey the correct procedure.

I ended up feeling rather insecure about my opinion that I sought confirmation from a friendly policeman and was advised that I was correct after all.

So maybe it’s just the age we live in where people are in so much of a hurry, or are just plain rude, that they ignore all the rules of the road…

… or maybe it’s just where I live!


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How many miles?

I’ve been driving about quite a lot this summer holiday and a curious phenomenon has revealed itself to me.milestone

I’ve decided, there is a distinct difference between a mile driving in town and a mile driven in the country. Whereby, the country mile is much longer than the town mile!

Now, this could just be because signs are more frequent in towns, but when I have been driving in the deepest darkest countryside, I swear I drive more than a mile and yet when I reach the next sign, my destination is just as far away, or only ½ a mile nearer.

Is it just me that finds this?

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What’s the most important piece of equipment in your car?

So, here’s a little survey I found on a ‘social media’ site that I belong to.

Basically, the question is which piece of equipment in your car couldn’t you live without?

And the options:

  •  Cruise Control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Keyless Entry
  • In-built SatNav
  • MP3 Player Connectivity

Personally, for me, the piece of equipment I couldn’t live without in my car is the steering wheel!

It is a pretty essential piece of equipment as far as I’m concerned, along with the gear stick 😉

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A Few Random Questions…

I bought SC a t-shirt the other day with the words “Happy as Larry” on it.


  1. Who’s Larry?
  2. Why is so darned happy?
  3. And can I have some of please? 😉

Pasta is a winner in this house. Believe me SC would sell his soul for pasta with cheese – that’s it, no sauce just plain pasta and handfuls of grated cheese on it. I have got him eating macaroni, so it’s a step forward and he did ask to try pesto the other day, which he tried but didn’t think much of.

Anyway, I digress.


  1. Why is macaroni pasta the only pasta to stick to the bottom of my saucepan? Literally – and I don’t run out of water!!

Why does the weather seem to impede people’s ability to drive? Seriously, snow, rain or hot sunshine generally brings out the worst. I was on the school run this afternoon (and believe me we have to get there at least an hour before pick up or park miles away – and before you ask no I don’t live within a reasonable walking distance – we live 3 miles from school, we’d have to leave at 6 each morning to get there!) and a car had parked in a bay for 3 cars, literally taking up 2 car spaces, there was a van already there in the third space. And no, it wasn’t a woman! There was no room to park between car and van, and parking behind meant overhanging, across someone’s drive. So I parked as close to the back of the car as I could, kept my engine running, put on my sexiest walk (think Ugly Betty on a good day) and sweetly asked if he would mind awfully moving up a smidge so I could park. He begrudgingly moved whilst muttering “I was sitting in the shade!” The response in my head went something like this “Mister, the sun is shining. If you want shade there’s a wooded area across the road, I suggest you get out of your car, stretch your legs and take a walk over there to sit in the ample shade and enjoy this glorious weather whilst it lasts (it is a rare occurrence these days) rather than taking up 2 car spaces like a complete kn&b!” My actual spoken words were “Oh, thank you, that’s most awfully kind of you. I do appreciate it!” and off I sashayed back to the car 😉


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A Word about Maps

I’m happy to report that I’m the kind of ‘girl’ driver who doesn’t actually need a sat-nav.sandcastle

I can read a map.

I can sort out directions before I leave and just ‘get-on-with-it’.

However, I think the time has come for me to purchase a new road map. The one I have in my car is a fair few years old.

As it proved yesterday!!!

Took SC to the beach in Wales.

Worked out where I needed to go, etc….BUT

It turns out the road changed somewhat, so instead of ending up at a secluded cove, I ended up in the middle of Cardiff.

Oops! 😉

One check of the map later, renavigated my way out and found the beach.

Unfortunately, it was shingle instead of sand – not the best type of beach with a SC who wants to build a sandcastle.

[note to mapmakers – would it be too much to ask to maybe change the colour you use for the beach on the maps so we can distinguish between shingle and sand?]

So, we had to look at the map again, and drove many miles to a sandy beach.


Weather was fab, sun was shining, sea was freezing, my sandcastle building abilities still suck – but we had a FABULOUS time 😉

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Love is … like driving

… some people know where they are headed in order to get from A to B.

Some people drive too fast and miss the journey, only to reach the destination, get bored after a while and embark on a new journey.

Some people drive too slowly and carefully and never reach the destination.

Some people take detours to avoid boredom – these detours are always very attractive, but only the very brave will continue off-road. The majority of drivers will return to the safety net of the known route.

Some people are ditherers. They are unsure which direction to take and sometimes miss the right turning. If they are lucky there may be another chance to turn along the way, but only if this is their destined route to take.

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Motorway Madness (Part 1)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We all drive on the motorway and totally forget everything we were taught in the Highway Code.

Obviously, the main thing is speed, we’re all guilty. Isn’t it about time they changed the limit. 70mph was all very well and good when the first motorway was opened in the 1970s (guessing at this), cars were lucky to reach this speed. However, nowadays cars are being built that do greater speeds and 70mph feels very sluggish. In Germany I believe there is no speed limit on the autobahn and they have fewer accidents as a result. Food for thought.

Speed brings me nicely onto my pet peeve – DUMB! Which quite clearly means all you drivers who Drive Up My Backside, and not necessarily in the outside lane either. Traffic flows at a greater speed on the motorway, therefore I need slightly more room than a gnat’s hair breadth between me and the car in front – just in case the car in front is one of those who brakes…..for no particular reason. If you are DUMB you will go into the back of me and be the exact reason why the motorway snarls up and people get hot and bothered sitting in a traffic jam whilst the police clear away the mess because you were DUMB.

Talking of traffic jams and accidents – rubberneckers. WHY? The accident is on the other side of the road, there is already a big queue one way and you cause another long hold up – in some cases longer than the queue on the side of the accident – by slowing down to crane your necks to see what’s going on. Please don’t! Just be thankful it’s not you and stop causing a traffic jam. The French have the right idea, they have something down the central reservation so you can’t see what’s going on, on the other side of the road. Seems a sensible idea to me – besides if you slow down to have a good look you may have a DUMB driver behind you – resulting in???

Middle lane hoggers. Oh you are just sooooo annoying. Sitting there in the middle lane, totally oblivious to everyone else doing 50mph. WHY? The Highway Code clearly states:

“You should always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are safely past. Slow-moving or speed-restricted vehicles should always remain in the left-hand lane of the carriageway unless overtaking.”

How difficult is that to understand? And you don’t just do this when there is a lot of traffic and you can annoy thousands of motorists. Oh no! For some strange reason you do it when the motorway is totally clear and you are the only car for miles. Why?? And why 50mph, why not go slower and grind the traffic to an even bigger halt? I read someones explanation of why they sat in the middle lane once and they said they did it because “once I’m there I don’t have to think about anything else and can switch off!” DVLA, please remove their licence. Clearly no idea at all. No you cannot switch off in the middle lane. You are on a motorway. You have traffic passing – probably at your speed – on both sides of you. You need your wits about you – lorries pull out, cars swerve in. It’s a veritable jungle of madness out there.

On that note, I need a large drink to calm my nerves. Back for Part 2 soon.

Drive safely.

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A Tale for Moped Users Everywhere

Or more specifically teenage moped and bike users.

I had one of these moped users behind me the other day, and he was so close that if I had to apply my brakes suddenly he would have smashed straight into the back of me, or more horrifying been thrown over my car only to land in a crumpled heap in front of me.

But my real gripe about these teenage moped riders is more the fact that they think it is OK to just wear a crash helmet. I have also seen some motor bike riders donned this way too.

It may be cool on the continent to ride around on your moped with the sun beating down on your bare arms and legs, but what is not cool is not being properly protected.

Mr Wrong No. 1 rode bikes and before he would even let me ride pillion I had to purchase a set of proper bike gear.

And for why???

Not just to save me getting too horribly crumpled, should an accident happen, but as he explained “Imagine you are not wearing proper clothing and have a smash at 30mph and end up skidding down the road, what is the likely outcome?”

Any guesses from the moped users who like to wear jeans??


OK, here goes.

You skid down the road for however long it takes for you to slow down – say 300 yards. But here’s the warning, not only are you skidding down the road, but so is your clothing.

And what happens to clothing if it gets abrased? It starts to get bare!

And if you are still skidding when the material of your jeans have all been worn away, what will be next to start wearing away as you skid?

That’s right? Your skin – and we’re still skidding. So all your lovely skin is wearing down until we reach?  Yes, bone.

Are you following me?

That tale of how I could end up at the end of a skid with not just a gash in my leg but a flippin’ great hole with exposed bone and flesh was enough to send me running to the nearest bike shop!

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That’s a silly looking car mummy!

is what SC blurted out as we drove to school the other morning.

It just so happened that we were following one of those new Range Rover Evoque.

Full sized range rover, that looks as if an elephant has just sat on the roof and squashed it down flat – doesn’t look like there’s much headroom in there, from the outside.

It was pure white, which didn’t help! Who has a white car these days? And why on earth would you choose white for a 4×4 vehicle designed to go off-road in muddy conditions, and get completely dirty?

Anyway, I digress.

SC looked at the car and said, “that’s a range rover, mummy, but it’s very silly looking!”

I had no answer.

He is so right!

What do you think?

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