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Would you rather go bald or grey?

… or really why should it matter?

We all age – it’s nature’s way.

Surely, it shouldn’t actually matter – should we just embrace the fact that we’ve lived, rather than go into panic mode that we have a few grey hairs or the hairline has started receding.

And is it as bad for men as for women?

After all there’s an entire industry built around covering grey and anti-ageing products for women – you know the stuff with caviar (that’s this month’s popular purchase).

And the media pressure on females in the public eye – constantly asking “what has happened to so-and-sos face, has she had surgery/Botox?”, “Ooh, check out the grey hairs on these celebs” – does it actually matter?

We can’t stay looking as if we’re 21 forever – and if we can then maybe it’s because we have made a pact with the devil and have a painting of the true us hidden in the attic, a la Dorian Gray (that classic tale by Oscar Wilde) – and besides who would want to stay 21 forever?

Sure at 21 I could party until 3am and still make it 9am lectures thinking nothing of it, I had no responsibilities and I had less of a furrowed brow (which, seeing as I was always such a serious child started when I was about 8!) but I was just starting out on the journey of adulthood.

Flash forward a few years down the line and like everyone else have had my fair share of troubles, but would I want to be 21 again? If I had that chance would I do anything differently?

I would probably answer that with a no and a yes. No, I wouldn’t want to be 21 and yes maybe I would do things differently, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t still have ended up where I am right now.

But I digress – bald or grey?

Guys when they go grey start getting called distinguished, or silver foxes. Women get told to reach for the dye or they will end up looking like a salt and pepper pot!! Where’s the fairness in that?

Being grey or bald does not define who you are? What you do and how you make people feel defines that?

For the record, I have a few silver hairs, but will I be reaching for the dye bottle?  Nah! Not yet 😉

And if it gets too bad, or my extremely fine, thin hair starts to thin I have a goodly collection of wigs and hairpieces – always wanted a reason to wear my blonde wig 😉


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