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How many miles?

I’ve been driving about quite a lot this summer holiday and a curious phenomenon has revealed itself to me.milestone

I’ve decided, there is a distinct difference between a mile driving in town and a mile driven in the country. Whereby, the country mile is much longer than the town mile!

Now, this could just be because signs are more frequent in towns, but when I have been driving in the deepest darkest countryside, I swear I drive more than a mile and yet when I reach the next sign, my destination is just as far away, or only ½ a mile nearer.

Is it just me that finds this?

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If Only!

If only I wasn’t in a relationship!

If only we’d met earlier!

If only we didn’t live so far apart!

If only you were prettier!

If only you weren’t vegetarian!

If only you drank!

But you know what I’m not an “if only” girl.

I don’t live for your “if only’s”.

I’m happy being me 😉

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