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What are you searching for?

We’re all searching for something – success, wealth, love, fame, happiness, etc.

Some people spend their whole lives searching, but never find what it is they think they truly desire.

But do we all search for the same things?

Or, indeed can we change what we are searching for at different points in our lives?

Or is everything we search for just leading us to the same conclusion.

If we search for success, what is it we want from success?

Is it wealth, recognition, or something else?

If we search for knowledge, what is it we hope to gain by finding knowledge?

Is it success? If so, then this brings us to the same point above.

Is it that ultimately we are searching for happiness – in whatever form we, as individuals, see that happiness.

For some happiness comes in the form of huge bundles of dollar bills. For others it is knowing that other people recognise their talents. And some find happiness in learning.

For all of us, I believe, we search for love, because deep down, we believe that love will make us happy.

But do we need to go searching for happiness? Surely true happiness comes from being at one with ourselves? Comfortable in our own skins, so to speak.

If we are happy in our own minds, then we do not need to go out seeking happiness. What we find when we search for success, love, knowledge, etc, is surely just an extra cherry on top of our already happy, contented lives?

So what are you searching for?


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Letter to my first love…

Dear Boomerang Boy

I remember you asking me out like it was yesterday. It was on my 19th birthday, and you took me for a spin on the back of your motorbike – out of the pub car park and up the lane, then as you turned it round to go back, you asked me if I would like to go out with you.

It was the summer of Italia ’90, just before I went off to university.

Like all first loves though it didn’t last long, 3 weeks and we said our goodbyes for the first time.

But you were my boomerang boy – we always, at certain points in our lives got back together, and it always ended the same way.

Every time we attempted another ‘go’, everything was great initially, but after a while all the same problems would rear their heads – namely your drinking and the fact that you still seem to think you’re 20 years old, and act accordingly.

Your life has always, and will always revolve around the pub and how drunk you can get. Mine doesn’t.

I know I was the first girl you fell in love with, and you know you were the first boy I truly fell in love with.

There’s still a special place for you in my heart, and always will be.

I still love you, but in a sisterly way. You know I will always be there if you need me to talk to, just like I know you would help me out if ever I were in difficulty, that’s where we are, and how it will always be.

Lots of people regret losing their first loves, and wonder what if.

I don’t. I know now we were never meant to be anything more than good friends.

I want more than anything in the world for you to find happiness and contentment with your life instead of trying to find the answers to your problems at the bottom of a pint glass.

Love always


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