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I’ve a confession to make – I’m in love …

… with my pyjamas 😉

There is no nicer feeling (cuddling SC aside) than stepping into my PJs at the end of the day – about 6 o’clock actually.  Some people have wine o’clock, I work on PJ o’clock.

With my PJs on I feel like a new woman.  Well, a woman who can actually relax from the day’s hectic schedule of early morning wake ups (2am this morning! (well it was his birthday and he was excited, the light didn’t actually go on until 5, but he didn’t go back to sleep!)), rushing around getting ready for school/work, the school run (shudder), work, housework, afternoon school run (shudder), after-school activities, tea, bath, story, collapse.

And yes, sometimes I even stay in my PJs all day – usually during school holidays. We have PJ days, and just curl up and watch movies all day long – total bliss 😉

If you’re interested today’s PJs are a fetching purple and green check trousers with a blue top – sounds clashy, but it actually goes.

Am planning a long summer holiday, so maybe I’ll start a new category on the blog called “The PJ Diaries” and post pictures of my PJs on holiday – heck holiday feet have gone viral, so why not my PJs 😉

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Bath -v- Shower. Which do you prefer?

Much as the thought of a deep, hot, luxurious bubble bath, dimmed lights, soft music and lighted scented candles is appealing in the relaxation stakes.bubblebath

In reality, I would probably last less than 5 minutes before I got bored.

I can never seem to relax in a bath. I’ve always found them very uncomfortable, my neck always starts to ache, and I end up feeling more tense.

I am not one of these people who could lie in them for hours reading the latest chic-lit whilst slowly turning into a prune!

I also never feel clean after a bath and have to have a shower afterwards!

So, for me, I have to say I’m a shower girl.

I feel more relaxed being able to stand underneath running water – almost as if I can feel the stresses and strains of the day running down the plug-hole too – and I find it a perfect place to think!

And the more powerful the shower the better 😉

Which do you prefer?

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Love is … like a pair of shoes!

… the prettier they are the more you end up in pain after a while wearing them!

You know the pain – the searing, burning pain on the balls of your feet. Yup! That one! And putting those party feet cushioning things in doesn’t actually do any good. It might dull the pain for a while, but you know it will return when you take the shoes off!

I’m not saying we should all go for the not-quite-so pretty sensible option – pretty shoes are a welcome distraction sometimes and a little bit of pain is good for all of us, but we should learn from lessons past.

If a pair of shoes is pretty, the likelihood is you will end up in pain.

Love is being able to wear a pair of shoes, both pretty and comfortable, for ever, and feel that when you’ve got them on as if you are walking on air!

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Men in Tights!

What is it about men and stockings?

Not men wearing stockings, but men wanting women to wear stockings.

Is it because it reminds them of the stereotypical French Maid, and pre-conceived ideas of women of that ilk? Or is it because they think it gives them easier access?

Not to put a damper on things boys, but they are uncomfortable.

In my case I always have to buy large or extra-large stockings, due to leg length (yes, I have actually got legs longer than Julia Roberts and I am shorter than her!), which means width-wise they would fit an elephant, and so I achieve a very sexy Nora Batty look, i.e., wrinkly round the ankles! 😉

Similarly, who in their right mind would want to faff about with suspender belts? Clasping the front ones on are fine – if the little suckers actually go through the hole they are supposed to. But don’t even get me started on the back ones, you try to line them up centre back, clasp them, only to find they are clasped somewhere around your hip bone. Grrrrrr

I suppose that’s why hold-ups were invented.

Again, great idea, but what happens when the ‘sort-of’ sticky bit at the top of your hold-up decides it really isn’t going to stick? There you are walking down the street, or round the office and suddenly ….OOPS … you’ve got a hold-up round your ankle. What’s a girl to do? Casually reach down and pull the offending article back up, or make a dash to the nearest convenience? It rates up there with leaving the ladies with your skirt tucked in!

To be fair, I did wear hold-ups when I was pregnant, for the simple fact tights were uncomfortable over the bump!

On a comfort scale stockings and suspenders rate right up there with thongs. Thank you all the same but I prefer not to walk around with dental floss up my backside and giving myself bruises every time I sit down due to the suspender clasps digging into my thighs.

Don’t get me wrong, suspenders are great if you’re having a night in!!!! 😉

But please, on a night out when I’m all dressed up, please let me be comfortable rather than spending the evening fiddling with what may look like my backside but is in fact the suspender belt, which is driving me crazy!!!

If you really think they’re sexy, please feel free to try them out for yourselves. Who knows, you may find it liberating!

I know several men who have no problems wearing them, and damn it, have great legs into the bargain. But you may just find out what an absolute pain in the rear end they are!!

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