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Love Is … Like a Jigsaw

You know, you search for ages for the right piece to fit.jigsaw

You try lots of different pieces that look like possibilities.

Sometimes, there’s even one piece you may be convinced is the right one, but whichever way you try it just doesn’t fit, but still you hold it in your hand, reluctant to let it go.

Just in case.

Then, suddenly, without even looking for it, you find the piece you have been searching for.

Like a glistening jewel catching a ray of sun as it hides beneath another piece or two.

You pick it up, and instinctively feel that it is the right piece.

You don’t know why, you haven’t even tried putting the piece in the jigsaw yet.

And what about the piece you are still holding?

You carefully put that piece in a safe place, just in case.

Then you take the piece you feel is right and start to move towards fitting the jigsaw pieces together.

Generally, putting the piece in the jigsaw is an easy task, and then you can get on with creating the rest of the jigsaw.

But , sometimes, you let go and the perfect piece falls from your hand.

Do you try to catch it, or do you just let it fall?


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