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Playing Pontoon…

… with SC.

After lunch today SC went to the drawer to get out a pack of playing cards, and then said “can we play?”

He wanted me to do my shuffling (mis-spent youth) and then do the road trick, where you flip the cards over whilst they are lying in a line.

I didn’t want to be doing that for the next 5 hours, so I just asked if he wanted to play a game that involved adding up to 21.

Now personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with teaching children how to play pontoon, after all it’s probably the best mental maths workout they’re likely to get, and it’s not like we were playing for pocket-money or anything.

Anyway … HE LOVED IT … especially when he manage to beat his nan every single time. To be honest she was cheating slightly, and twisting when she knew she’d go over 21, but all the same his mental maths had a good old workout.

Does anyone have any other good card games to play with children?

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