My “Bucket” List

I turned the big 4-0 last year and in honour of that occasion I thought I would write a list of 40 things to do in my forties.

A friend of mine then said, “Oh, you mean a bucket list?”

Totally clueless, I looked confused, until he said that it meant a list of things to do before one kicks the proverbial bucket.

So, I will revert back to my original thought and call it my list of things to do in my forties. The list, as you can see is not filled, but will be as I think of things to add:

  1. Go indoor skydiving – you wouldn’t catch me jumping out of an actual plane for love, nor money, but I’d like to experience the feeling – DONE!;
  2. Get a lead in a musical (am-dram) – DONE, but I haven’t finished yet 😉
  3. Have lunch at The Ivy – actually has a pretty non-special menu, but just really want to say I’ve been – DONE – the mocktail was lovely;
  4. Tea at the Ritz or the Dorchester – dressed up, of course – DONE 😉 had a lovely time, me, myself and a good book, perfect company for my Birthday Treat;
  5. Learn to speak at least 1 foreign language fluently;
  6. Go dancing – a proper tea dance/social where I can do Ballroom and Latin (just need to find a willing volunteer who can dance to go with me);
  7. Drive round the Top Gear track in a supercar – DONE – in a Ferrari;
  8. Be a zoo-keeper for a day in the elephant or monkey house;
  9. Go to an aquarium – DONE – in Bristol quite a lot, so have been to that one, and have just been to the London Aquarium;
  10. Take SC to the beach – DONE, although my sandcastle building efforts suck to say the least;
  11. Climb a mountain – Snowdon to start with, and then when SC is older try Kilimanjaro;
  12. Get my CBT – motorbike licence;
  13. Get my Advanced Motoring licence;
  14. See the Northern Lights;
  15. Swim with Dolphins;
  16. Learn to read music properly so I can sight read – and if possible pitch notes without a piano;
  17. Learn to rollerskate backwards;
  18. Go and see Mamma Mia (seen the film, never seen the stage show) – DONE – have to say I prefer the film!!!;
  19. Do a cookery course – not that I can’t cook, I can, would just like to do it better. Top favourite would be Rick Stein as I eat a lot of fish, and struggle to do new things – DONE. SC and I did a parent & child course at Rick Stein’s – totally brilliant;
  20. Do a waxing course;
  21. Learn to apply make-up properly – thankfully I do know a make-up artist who said she would teach me; – DONE, now I know how to conceal, contour, highlight and do both natural and smoky eye looks
  22. Learn to swing on a trapeze;
  23. Have my eyebrows threaded DONE – nothing to it!!;
  24. Have a golf lesson;
  25. Get a website to earn money;
  26. Write a book;
  27. Raise money for charity – SORT OF – I’m on the PTA and have organised 3 fundraising nights – so I think that counts … sort of;
  28. Go to the Hofberg New Year Ball in Vienna and waltz the night away with a handsome man and wearing a fabulous frock;
  29. Go to Oberammergau and watch the Passion Play – it’s only on once every 10 years, 4 years until the next one!;
  30. Learn to drive like a racing driver;
  31. Travel on the Trans-Siberian railway from London to Hong-Kong;
  32. Renovate a house;
  33. Learn to play Poker properly;
  34. Live abroad – doesn’t have to be forever;
  35. Build a business;
  36. Go star-gazing at night. Just lie out on a blanket staring up at the sky looking at the stars, trying to find constellations.
  37. Learn to knit – had a go am still pretty rubbish and can only do plain knit stitch, but I can cast on and off now, so it’s a work in progress!! [Aug 2018 update – still a work in progress, haven’t picked up the knitting needles for a couple of years, but planning to start again in the autumn)
  38. Open to ideas!!!!! (within reason)
  39. Open to ideas!!!!! (within reason)
  40. Open to ideas!!!!! (within reason)

6 responses to “My “Bucket” List

  1. Eyebrow threading? Can I just say…ouch?


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