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Love is Like … Road Signs

… not to mention the hold-ups along the way.

Sometimes its a no-through road.

Sometimes we encounter a T-junction, whereby we have to make choices at some point.

Sometimes we are confronted by very obvious STOP signs.

Sometimes we feel like we are travelling down a narrow lane with passing places where obstacles seem mountainous to overcome.

Sometimes it’s a dual carriageway with traffic, and cars that have been passed previously get in our way again, so we have to re-negotiate and continue on the journey.

But best of all is the sign to the freeway. All lanes open in both directions, free-flowing with miles of continuous road ahead of you, and only the occasional bit of traffic, or roadworks 😉

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Love Is … Like a Series of Tests

Where each one tests your trust and faith, sometimes to the limit.

Who thought tests ended when you left education?

It seems that life and love is one big series of trials and tests.

Some we win, some we lose.

But win or lose, each test we encounter on our travels we learn, about ourselves and others.

It might hurt, feel like you don’t know what to do, how to react, etc, but I believe as long as we have, and hold onto, faith and trust, we can sail through any test with flying colours 😉

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Love is – Learning to Trust

Without trust we always think the worst.

By thinking the worst, our negative thoughts are amplified and become reality.

We are always wary of new relationships based on our own experiences of past relationships.

But we need to banish all thoughts of past relationships – they are in the past and nothing can change that.

We need to learn to trust again. Trust the other person and more importantly trust our own instincts.

By being open and honest, relationships can be built on a stronger foundation of friendship and trust rather than one based on lust alone!

I know which I’d rather have 😉

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Love is … Like the Weekend

When it arrives you don’t want it to end.

When it ends, you long for the next one.

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Love Is … Like An Audition!

… most of the time all you hear is “Next!”

Occasionally you get a recall, maybe even a few for one part, before it comes down to a choice between you and another actor. Then generally, you always lose out!

Not for want of talent, but it could be for all manner of reasons, too tall, too short, too clever, too ugly, too fat, too thin, too outspoken, too quiet. There will always be something.

But, you know what? None of these things are your fault. You cannot change who you are.

Eventually, after so many auditions and recalls, that you lose count, you get a part.

Most of the time these parts are not permanent – they will be contracted for a couple of years, until you outgrow the production. Either because you don’t want to renew your contract as you want a new challenge, or because the casting director feels the need to breathe new life into the production – if this is the case it’s generally their loss 😉

Once in a lifetime though you will find the perfect part for you. There will be no need for ‘hamming it up’, forcing emotions, trying your utmost to remember lines, ‘the method’, etc. The role is suited to you. It will be a totally natural and organic performance “darling”! You and the part in perfect harmony.

This role is the one we all search for. Some of us find it. Some of us just keep missing the damn call 😉

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Love is … like driving

… some people know where they are headed in order to get from A to B.

Some people drive too fast and miss the journey, only to reach the destination, get bored after a while and embark on a new journey.

Some people drive too slowly and carefully and never reach the destination.

Some people take detours to avoid boredom – these detours are always very attractive, but only the very brave will continue off-road. The majority of drivers will return to the safety net of the known route.

Some people are ditherers. They are unsure which direction to take and sometimes miss the right turning. If they are lucky there may be another chance to turn along the way, but only if this is their destined route to take.

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Love is … Like a Horse Race

… some fall at the first fence.

… some fall at later fences.

… some unseat the rider but keep on going because they don’t know what else to do, or how to stop.

… but there is generally only 1 winner who makes it to the finish line!


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Love is … like a pair of shoes!

… the prettier they are the more you end up in pain after a while wearing them!

You know the pain – the searing, burning pain on the balls of your feet. Yup! That one! And putting those party feet cushioning things in doesn’t actually do any good. It might dull the pain for a while, but you know it will return when you take the shoes off!

I’m not saying we should all go for the not-quite-so pretty sensible option – pretty shoes are a welcome distraction sometimes and a little bit of pain is good for all of us, but we should learn from lessons past.

If a pair of shoes is pretty, the likelihood is you will end up in pain.

Love is being able to wear a pair of shoes, both pretty and comfortable, for ever, and feel that when you’ve got them on as if you are walking on air!

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Love is … like stepping off a cliff

You stand there, teetering on the edge wondering whether or not to take the leap.

You’re teetering because you are unsure, scared (after all what if you’ve read the signals wrongly), maybe you have some unfinished business before you can jump.

But what of the person standing next to you?

They may be just as scared and confused as you. Scared about jumping in case they get hurt again and confused because of the mixed signals they are getting from you and don’t know how to suppress their own growing feelings for you.

I’ve been listening to a song recently called ‘In Whatever Time we Have’ from Children of Eden. It’s got some very powerful lyrics and totally akin to standing on the edge of a cliff wondering whether to jump…

‘If at times we are afraid, with so little to believe in. It’s alright to feel afraid, I will hold you in the dark. We could live a hundred years, or the world could end tomorrow, But we know we’ll be together in whatever time we have!’

It’s OK to be scared, but think of the person standing next to you too.

Be honest with them about how you feel. After all if you have no intention of jumping then is it fair to leave them teetering, with all those feelings growing inside them?

If you are going to jump. Take their hand in yours and don’t ever let go. Tell them how you feel in no uncertain terms. Then jump! With both feet and enjoy it 🙂

But watch out for that first step…it’s quite a tumble 😉


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Love is … like catching a bus

and in my case, I can wait and wait and wait and the darned things never turn up 😉

But it is true. We sit around waiting for a bus and then one turns up (hopefully).

Sometimes to reach our destination we have to change buses as not all of them are a direct route.

Sometimes the bus breaks down!

So what do you do then?

Maybe another bus turns up, whilst you are waiting for your bus to be fixed.

You are not sure if the broken bus really is going in your direction, but the new bus is. So what do you do?

Can you really keep the new bus waiting whilst you decide whether or not the broken bus might change directions?

Or deep down do you know the broken bus is not going anywhere, but you are reluctant to let go, for sentiments sake, because you’ve been on this particular bus for a while.

Changing buses is a big leap of faith!

Buses don’t wait forever though. Sooner or later they will continue their journey with, or without, you.

So do you stay sitting by the roadside next to the broken down bus that’s not going anywhere, or do you climb aboard the new bus and continue your journey to your destination?

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