What’s the best April Fools Prank you’ve ever played?

In honour of it being April Fools Day tomorrow tell me what your best April Fools prank has been 😉

I think mine was when I was at university (oh, so many years ago).

I shared a house with my friend and 2 blokes. One of the boys and I decided to prank the other boy that lived in the house. We spoofed a letter from a fictitious girl saying that she’d seen him in the Union bar and thought he was lovely and suggested meeting him. We didn’t tell my friend because we knew she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. We posted the letter and, I’m sorry to say he went on ‘the date’! He got home and we did ‘fess up, because although it had been quite funny, we did feel very bad and sorry about it!


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March 31, 2016 · 8:42 pm

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