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Which is your favourite Diet Coke hunk?

Did you know it has been 20 years since a group of office workers ran to the window at 11:30 am every day to gawp, gaze, ogle and drool over a construction worker satisfying his thirst with a calorie-controlled fizzy drink.

Then in 1997, it was the turn of ‘Window Cleaner’ Diet Coke man, followed 10 year later by ‘Lift Engineer and today’s incarnation of ‘Lawn Mower Boy’.

Here they all are:

1994 diet coke 1994 “Construction Worker”










1997 diet coke 1997 “Window Cleaner” – he’s my favourite, and yes, I admit he was my background wallpaper on my PC at work in 1997, and my home PC. I’d stop work at 11:30 to look…wouldn’t you?










2007 diet coke2007 “Lift Engineer”







2014 diet coke 2014 “Lawn Mower Boy” – definitely fit, but my heart belongs to the window cleaner 😉










So which one is your favourite “Diet Coke” hunk?


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