Can you believe I’ve stopped ….

… drinking tea!!!!!!tea

The unthinkable has happened.

Even though I was only drinking de-caff tea, I loved my cuppa.

With a cup of tea in my hands, all was right with the world 😉

However, after last Friday (Bloody Hormones – Part 5), I have stopped. No withdrawal method, just completely stopped.

And do you know something?

I don’t actually miss my tea. I thought I would, but I don’t.

The reason?

Is simple. Stress does a lot of things and can divert the liver’s attention away from it’s proper job. So I’m trying to detox and cleanse my liver. And one of the first things to go was my brew!

I’ve been starting the day with lemon juice and water – and it’s not as gross as it sounds. Quite refreshing really. And then just drinking water throughout to start flushing the toxins out.

Over the last week, I’ve actually noticed an improvement in my tiredness (or rather lack of it – believe me I’m still exhausted when SC wakes me up at 4AM, as he has done the last 2 mornings) and a slight improvement in my totally stressed out skin!

I’m working up to doing a one day total liver cleanse, where I drink some concoction made from cranberry juice and alternate it with water over a 12 hour period. If I can ever find anywhere that sells cranberry juice – neat. Most supermarkets sell a lovely cranberry juice drink, but I don’t need that. Might have to take a little trip to my lovely health shop.

Still, if it’s proved one thing, it’s proved I don’t actually need a cup of tea to function. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that maybe my daily cuppa has stopped me functioning properly for all these years!!!

Just a thought 😉

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