When did you last do something childish?

Does being very grown-up, most of the time, mean we are no longer allowed to do impromptu things, that may to some seem a little childish, but give us back a moment of fun in our hum-drum lives?

Does it heck as like!  No, course it doesn’t 😉

Yesterday I was in the supermarket and trolley surfed down an aisle – you know push the trolley off and lift your feet off the ground – immense fun, and I never grow tired of doing it, even if I’m with SC 😉

OK. so I admit it, doing childish things sometimes, gives me a buzz, makes me happy and reminds me that I’m still alive, and no where near ready to stop having fun.

I also like sliding down handrails when no one is looking, rolling down hills (little ones), dancing around mime-singing into a hairbrush and yes, I have been known to skateboard down the aisle in the toy shop (clearly just showing SC how to do it, no pleasure in the experience at all 😉 )

So what was the last non grown-up thing you did?


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