The Big Body Hair Debate

You don’t seem to be able to open a magazine or paper without some trivial article about body hair, whether it is in vogue to be waxed within an inch of your life, or au natural and as hairy as you can be.

Why is it such a hot topic for debate whether women shave, wax, epilate, depilate or not their hairy bits? Legs, bikini line, under-arms, eyebrows, facial hair (don’t think I’ve missed anywhere!)

When did it become par for the course to remove unwanted hair? Was it the 20th Century, or earlier? I have absolutely no idea.

When is it acceptable for girls to start removing body hair?

I vividly remember being 15 years old, at an all-girls school, and some rather spiteful girls making fun because I hadn’t shaved my legs – that was the first time I actually thought about it.

Teenage me did kind of resemble Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries before she got ‘beautified’ and Drew Barrymore’s teenage self in “Never Been Kissed” – gawky, geeky, braces, hair in plaits, definitely not cool.

Anyway I did initially shave my legs.

Then I moved on bought an ‘Epilady’ – ouch! And in-grown hairs were a nightmare – made a serious mess of my legs.

Finally I moved on to waxing – only a half leg though – below the knee, I’m blessed that I do not have obvious, noticeable hairs on my thighs. Certainly less painful than the ‘Epilady’ and cleaner than shaving – no chance of cuts (and I am seriously clumsy!)

I did briefly go back to shaving when I was a student, but I got an infection in my hair follicles, and ever since it has been waxing.

The only drawback to waxing is having to wait between sessions as the hair needs to grow in order for the next waxing to work, whereas with shaving you can do it as and when you please.

But it is a cleaner method of hair removal.

I have my underarms done too – I did once try to wax my own underarms, but realised you need 5 pairs of hands, and eyes on stalks to be able to see what you are doing – made me go seriously cross-eyed ;-0

Bikini line – well, I’m a convert to Hollywood. Like everything neat and tidy in the lady garden and to be honest it feels a lot cleaner when there is nothing there! And no, despite rumours it doesn’t feel like my ‘pants are lined with pins’ after a while as the hairs start re-growing.

Eyebrows – have had them waxed, and tried threading. The only thing I can really say about eyebrow waxing is that it is the only form of waxing where you cannot see what is going on. I’ve lain there on the beauty table as the beautician is waxing my eyebrows thinking “Oh, my God, she’s taking them all off, I’m going to have to try and pencil eyebrows in!” Seriously, because you can’t see what is going on, you can only feel the waxing and then the tweezing of stray hairs. When you find a beautician you really trust then you are on to a winner.

But enough about my waxing habits.

The real question is what do men think about waxing?

Do you prefer your ladies buff or au natural?



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