A Minefield of Text Abbreviations…

…seriously, am I the only one honest enough to admit that I thought LOL stood for “Lots of Love”?

I really did think that until ‘Boomerang Boy’ put me straight.

I knew a few common abbreviations, mostly from work:

FUBAR – F***ed up beyond all recognition

SNAFU – Situation normal, all f***ed up!

IMHO – In my honest opinion

FYI – For your information

etc., etc., etc.

But these days text abbreviations really does seem to be a minefield – and it must be such a nightmare with ‘autocorrect’ as well! And how does the recipient(s) of the text know, sometimes, which meaning to use to translate the abbreviation. After all some have 2, maybe even 3 meanings – wouldn’t that be awkward! For instance ‘AA’ could mean Alcoholics Anonymous, As Above or even Ask About and ‘CB’ means Coffee Break, Chat Break and Crazy B*!

Anyway, I found a couple of lists on the wonder-web and have trawled through them to find some that I thought were quite amusing. So here goes:

  • HFAC – Holy Flipping Animal Crackers!
  • IIIO – Intel Inside, Idiot Outside (like this one – especially as I used to work on IT Helpdesks!)
  • L8RG8R – Later Gator
  • ROFLCOPTER – Rolling On Floor Laughing and spinning around!
  • T:)T – Think happy Thoughts
  • WH5 – Who, What, Why, When and Where?
  • XYZ – Examine Your Zipper
  • YABA – Yet Another Bl***y Acronym
  • 8L3W – 8 Letters 3 Words (the one that’s easy to say and hard to prove – “I’m a Zebra!” obviously 😉 )
  • ABC – apparently it’s Anything But Chardonnay if you are ordering drinks, Already Been Chewed, if not!
  • BBB – Blah, Blah, Blah!
  • BRB – Bathroom Break (have seen this before and always wondered what it meant – now I know!)
  • BURMA – Be Upstairs And Ready My Angel 😉
  • FEAR – Forget Everything And Run!
  • PIMP – Put In My Pocket
  • SAP – Send Another Person

If you’ve got any text acronyms that you’d like to share, feel free 😉



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5 responses to “A Minefield of Text Abbreviations…

  1. You option is a lot better 🙂


  2. No I meant about lol (lots of love) is better than laughing out loud 🙂


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