You know that feeling …

… when you’ve put photos in an album and then quickly flick through, only to find halfway you’ve missed a double page and now have to remove half the album and replacenewfoundland them so you don’t have the blank space?


Just spent the afternoon with SC putting his summer holiday photos into an album, so he can take it into school this week – I’m nothing if not prepared this year 😉

We may not have been traipsing off round the globe like half his class seem to have done, but we have knocked ourselves out in a ‘geek sense’ and have spent time searching for Gromits (as in the dog from Wallace and Gromit) in the city of Bristol!

(Gromit was unleashed over the summer in Bristol, 80 differently painted dogs scattered all over the city and region, in September they will all be auctioned off to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital)

Boy that certainly got my competitive streak going. I wanted to find as many as possible out of the 80 and in the end we managed a respectable 74.

But I digress, I then had a flick through after I had finished and lo and behold there was a blank page staring right at me in the middle of the book.

Oh pook!

Off to calm my OCD side down by moving the pictures – it could take a while!


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