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Banks – Don’t Deserve Bad Press All The Time

…because sometimes your local high street does something fabulous.

I recently received a letter from my bank stating that my debit card would be replaced as quickly as possible, but I could still use my one until the new one arrived.

I didn’t think too much about it, because one of my cards was due for renewal.

Albeit, November, but I just thought the bank was being super efficient.

Anyway, about a week later I received a text message from the bank saying my new card would be arriving in the next day or so.

“Odd!” thought I, “they’ve never texted me before!”

But again I just assumed it was the bank putting new ‘customer service’ processes into place, and just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

So, new card arrives.

I look at it, and realise it is a replacement for the one that doesn’t expire until 2015!

Odd, methought again!

So, as I was passing I popped into the bank, just to query this random, seemingly urgent, replacement of a card that didn’t expire until 2015.

What transpired was that I had used my card somewhere, online or physically, which had been flagged up as a potential threat, i.e., the bank’s computer system had picked up that I had used my card somewhere where it could have been skimmed, or cloned, etc.

This flagging up, then set in motion the process to replace the card thereby hopefully reducing the threat of fraudulent activity on my card.

I was most impressed!

Thankfully, I did go through my bank statement with the lovely lady at the counter and couldn’t see any erroneous transactions.

So, although banks do get a rough ride in the press – and it is mainly the investment side of things, rather than the front-of-house staff on the high street – this time I would like to say thank you, for having such a good system in place.

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