The A-Z of Life – Normal

Normal – what’s normal?

Is it society’s perceived ideal of normality?

Where if you don’t have the same kind of life as everyone else – you are clearly socially inept and obviously from another universe?

Surely as individual’s whatever we do is normal for us and if it doesn’t sit with convention then convention can go whistle?

Why do we feel pressured into trying to conform to something that we would feel uncomfortable with?

Why does society like to label and pigeon-hole people?

Some part of me would love a so-called ‘normal life’ – you know a home of my own, with a lovely partner/husband and children – and on some level I feel sad and empty when I see families doing normal family things, as if I’ve failed SC in some way, and that I am a failure as a ‘procreating human being’ for not having found a ‘mate’.

But that clearly is not meant to be.

For me, I’ve been on my own so long I’ve kind of got used to my own company – and I quite like me now, I like my sense of humour, I like my failings and I like being able to be me 😉

I’ve had a couple of disasters, and maybe on some level that was my subconscious hitting the self-destruct button as I was feeling stifled by convention and suffocated by normality – aside from the fact they were both leeches that sucked the living life out of me and left me completely bereft of sparkle and passion.

Even with friendships I’ve never had any really close friends – no one has ever really ‘got me’. I’ve got friends, but they see the smile on my face, not the pain in my eyes that I manage to hide away.

So for me – aside from obviously being a green-scaled alien from the planet Zarg – my normality is being on my own, with SC. Everything I do is for him. He is my life. I know one day he will not need me, but he does right now.

I’ve also learned to accept that I probably don’t do convention, and that it’s actually OK to be different and not run with the crowd for the sake of running.

Different should never be thought of as wrong, or bad, it’s just different.

And sometimes being different can make you feel more in control and empower you more than being ‘normal’!




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2 responses to “The A-Z of Life – Normal

  1. Very good post and I would sign your last two lines with my own blood if it wasn’t too freaky :-). Well done!


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