Introducing the World’s Messiest Cook…

…Um, that would be me!cooking

I love cooking

However, like my life it seems, whenever I cook I leave a trail of chaos and destruction behind me.

Not that I’m a terrible cook, or that I burn everything to a cinder crisp.

No, I am just so incredibly messy.

Mr Messy has nothing on me when I get cooking.

Although, unlike Mr Messy, I do clear up after myself.

Take today, for example.

I thought I would do fish pie – well my variation anyway, and it’s something I can sneak vegetables into so SC doesn’t know he’s eating them (mother’s can be very good at that!)

Anyway, I managed to use 3 medium-sized saucepans.

The potatoes, as always, over-spilled onto the hob – I blame the hob 😉

Making the sauce I managed to splash it out of the saucepan onto the hob – thank goodness my mum has ceramic.

Then when I was putting it all together, I realised I had made slightly too much for one of my mum’s dishes, so I transferred it all to another one, which still wasn’t big enough. So, 2 dishes down, I transferred some back into the first one and put the remainder into a freezer container.

Once it was totally assembled, I put it in the oven, on a tray, of course, and turned round to survey the carnage.


Then I speedily turned into Mr Clean & Mr Tidy, all rolled into one, and I stacked, soaked, washed, rinsed, dried, put away, cleaned the hob, cleaned work surfaces, emptied the bins, swept the floor, waved my magic wand, etc..

You would never have known I’d been anywhere near that kitchen …

… well, until the dinner came out of the oven – all I can say is that I’m glad I used a tray 😉


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