Heard an advert on the radio today …tyres

“Kwik Fit offering Pirelli tyres at discount price”

My thought, I’m not surprised.

Will anyone buy them?

No offence, but if their tyres are shredding on F1 cars halfway round the track on their first lap, would I seriously want Pirelli tyres on my car?

I don’t think so 😉


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2 responses to “Tyres

  1. Alex Gosling

    I definitely wouldn’t want to be chugging down the motorway mid way to work and have a tyre shred like you keep seeing them do in F1.
    OK – I know road tyres and F1 tyres are two completely different products but still – this constant tyre failure cannot be doing Pirelli’s share price and reputation any good.


    • Thanks for the comment Alex.
      I Totally agree with you. I will be sticking to my tried and tested tyres.
      I know there’s always been a degree of tyre management to be done in F1, but the races have boiled down to who can preserve the tyres best rather than who can go quickest.


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