The A-Z of Life – Death

The one great unknown in life, and yet a painful truth we must all embrace.

Something no-one wants to talk about, but something we all fear.

I don’t want to die, the thought of it freaks me out completely. The thought of leaving SC all alone breaks my heart. I have too much to live for, and so much more I want to do with my life.

And yet, I am aware that at some point my time will be up.

That’s final.

Aside from the finality of life, there are other aspects of our lives which we associate with death. Death of relationships, career, etc.

These are not, and never are as final as death itself.

They are always embraced as a chance to begin again.

The chance to fulfill ambitions, follow that dream or meet the boy who’s willing to climb to the top of the tree for you.

Maybe, we should think of the ‘inevitable’ like that?

After all, no one knows what lies beyond, maybe there is something in reincarnation, and maybe we will get the chance to begin again and learn from past mistakes.

That doesn’t make it sound quite so scary!


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