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What do you do when you’re stuck?

In any aspect of your life.

Do you take the stiff upper lip approach and carry on regardless?

Do you ask for help?

Or do you do nothing and wait for the answer to come?

I suspect most of us would take the first approach – after all if we carry on regardless we don’t come across as weak and a failure for saying we are in need of help.

I also suspect that most people would think doing nothing is like being the ostrich who buries its head in the sand when panicked.

But sometimes, just sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do.

I’ve been in a quandary for weeks now regarding the direction my life (career-wise) needs to go. My heart wants to go one way, my head another. I even wrote down a list of what I was good at to try to define a perfect job – but it seems I am a typical Gemini, split personality as there are two distinct sides to my ‘talents’ and no one perfect job could ever fit them.

Still, I’ve been major-league stressing about it all, and someone told me to look out for signs that would tell me what to do.

And sitting in church on Sunday the vicar was going on about being stuck and what to do about moving on, when the sign came to me, the light bulb flashed on when she said “go where your ideas will flourish”.

I now know that I should go with my heart, and at least try what I want to do, but in an area which isn’t so heavily populated with the same kind of work.

So sometimes the answers do just come to you if you do nothing 😉

(now would someone mind please telling my headache that!)

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