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The A-Z of Life – Communication

In all areas of life communication is key!


But communication is not just what you say.

In fact of everything we say, 93% of the meaning is conveyed through how we say it and what our bodies do whilst we are saying it.

Only  7% of the meaning are the actual words!

Think of the expression “say one thing but mean another” – it is so true.

In a business meeting, for example, you can have the brash, Jack-the-lad who speaks complete garbage yet everyone listens and hangs on every word he utters, and the mild-mannered, shy, intellect who knows what they are talking about, yet no-one listens. Why?

And in relationships, this unspoken body language and how we say things come more into play. How you hold someone, how you talk to them, how you treat them. And those three little words, that cause such misery and turmoil, if they are said, or not, sometimes mean so much more, like, I miss you when we’re apart, I respect you, I value you, I’m a better person because I have you in my life, the thought of you makes me happy, I’m glad you found me, etc.

But with so many forms of communication these days it can seem like a minefield.

The main thing is to keep communicating at all costs.

If you stop communicating in any walk of life then people can get hurt, confused, angry, worried, etc and can be left constantly wondering.

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The A-Z of Life – Believe

First and foremost believe in yourself.

Believe in other people.

And believe anything is possible!

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