Knit 1, Purl 1


It’s on ‘the list’ as something I would like to learn to do. So far in my life I have not really given it a proper go.

My mum taught me the basic knit stitch when I was younger, but forget casting on and casting off. Even the basic stitch I was no good at, far to kack-handed.

Still, I put it on ‘the list’ as something to work towards learning.

I know I’m never to going to a super-knitter, but even if I can just make one project, I would consider it a success.

Anyway, before Christmas I bought a “Knitting Bible” book. It literally has everything you need to know about knitting. Stiches, projects, the works.

Who knew there were actually so many ways to cast on and off?

Yesterday SC decided he wanted to knit!

It happened that my mum had her knitting ladies over, so where better to pick up a few tips than with the experts from the WI?

We borrowed a set of needles and some wool and took ourselves off into another room to give it a go.

Open book and read instructions.

I must confess it took me at least 3 goes to actually get the first stitch on to the needle!

Then I looked at casting on, and thought it best to stick with what the book called the easiest casting on technique – using ones thumb! To be honest, I found it a doddle.

So I successfully managed to cast on 10 stitches. Thought I’d start off small. Besides with 10 stitches I could at least attempt a scarf for SC’s teddy!

Then we started knitting.

The basic stitch I had remembered and within a while I seemed to fly!

And I still had 10 stitches – hoorah!

I then thought I’d be clever and try a row of purl stitch.

I tried 1 stitch – lots of blue smoke and decided just to stick with the tried and tested for this particular venture. I can always attempt purl next time.

After a couple of hours I had made a scarf long enough for teddy.

So here was the next challenge, casting off!

I still say you need several hands – I found it rather awkward, but I am extremely clumsy, so it was probably me.

Still I managed it – and I even managed to knot the scarf so it wouldn’t unravel.

It’s basic, not amazing, but I’ve done it, without dropping any stitches or adding any more.

Broken the duck, so to speak, and started.

It’s definitely not a completed, cross off the list challenge and definitely needs more work and perseverance, but it certainly wasn’t as daunting as I thought.


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