Bloody Hormones (Part 3)

I count myself blessed that in the run up to the monthly hormone hell, I do not suffer, like a lot of women, from PMT.

No, mine comes after.

I just feel really low and want to cry for about 2 days. Not that I have anything to cry about, I just end up feeling, for want of a better word, bleurgh!

And these fluctuation in hormone levels always leaves me with a headache.

It’s swings and roundabouts, and to be honest I would far rather have this lowness than PMT and rattiness.

But it’s hard to be bright and sunny when all you would rather do is curl up, watch a weepy movie and have a good cry (about nothing).

Thankfully though it’s not life threatening, just bewildering 😉

Oh the joys of womanhood 😉



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