Warning: Allergy to Chocolate

Seriously! I have an allergy to chocolate.Chocolate

Not sure what part of the ingredient list it is, but I have just basically avoided the stuff since I was about 20, and realised it was what was making me more nuts than usual 😉

It’s not life threatening, I don’t come out in huge hives, rashes, or any other ‘normal’ allergic reaction.

Chocolate gives 99% of people a big ‘happy rush’, for me it has the opposite effect.

It literally sinks my mood completely, to the extent I could pretty much be Mr Hyde!!!

Then, it does something to all the muscles in my body, which become so incredibly tense that I cannot relax, or feel comfortable (being hyper-mobile does not help this). What then happens is I end up writhing about on the floor wanting to pretty much rip out all my joints from their sockets and put them back in, because that is the only way I would be able to feel less tense and tetchy.

It is not a pretty sight!

So I’m pretty pernickity when it comes to checking ingredients, etc.

Some seemingly innocent things can contain chocolate!

Mr Wrong No. 2 didn’t care whether he ate chocolate and then came near me (like I’d let him when I knew) and Mr Wrong No. 1 just thought I was nuts anyway!

There is only 1 person who has been sensitive and considerate enough about this matter, when I have told them.

Thankfully, this is the only serious thing that affects me.

Shellfish just makes me throw up!

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