Stress, Stress, Go Away…


This is actually doing my noodle in…

Didn’t think I was that stressed that my periods would go all haywire again (*(^* &%£T(& )& %^$*() *^%***)

They have been behaving great – and thankfully had gone back to normal.

But this month – GGGGRRRRRRR!!

It’s not that they stopped this time.

Oh no!

I kind of got one, but it was seriously light, but it’s still being seriously light 10 days later!!

WTF is going on?

This does not help my stress levels, worrying about what is going on.

I would be even more worried if it was normal and there was spotting going on at odd times, I know that is serious.

But this is just crazy.

And for the record there are no menopause symptoms – no hot sweats, no …. well whatever other symptoms you get (I don’t know)

Oh well, hopefully one day it will sort itself out.


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